Top 16 Things You Didn’t Know Google Could Do

If we had to write a poem about Google, it would be filled with adjectives relating to its marvelous search capabilities…about how almost any question never need remain unanswered…how information is at our fingertips 24/7 and so forth, but what you may not know is, that apart from being the world’s most popular search engine, Google is packed with other features of which you may not be aware.

Want to find out more? Here are a few fun facts that may just save you a little time in the future.

1. Problem: Can’t find your calculator?

Solution: Type the equation in the search bar, hit enter, and Google Calculator will pop up.

Google Calculator

2. Problem: Need to find out the distance between two destinations?

Solution: Type “place” to “place”

Google Distance

3. Problem: Not sure if a certain flight is on time?

Solution: Type in the flight number for up to date departure and arrival times, along with terminals and gates.

Google Flight Schedule with map


4. Problem: Indecisive? Torn between 2 options?

Solution: Flip a coin

Google Flip a Coin


5. Problem: Stress got the better of you?

Solution: Spend a few minutes playing Atari Breakout and reboot your brain. Simply go to Google Images and type ‘atari breakout’ in the search bar, and voila!

Atari Breakout Game


6. Problem: Tired of modern day living?

Solution: Why not take a look at what Google looked like in 1998 when it first launched.

Google's appearance in 1998


7. Problem: Bored

Solution: Delve into the world of: elgooG

With so many fun features, it’s best to explore during your lunch break!

Google Mirror


8. Problem: Internet connection is down

Solution: This is the perfect opportunity to play this game which can only be played when you are offline.

Google Offline Dinosaur Game















9. Problem: Feeling nostalgic and longing for the good ol’ days?

Solution: Take a trip back in time and play a few rounds of Pac-Man

Google Pac-Man


10. Problem: Board game already set up but can’t find your die?

Solution: Type ‘roll a die’ in the search bar and you can roll the die as many times as you wish.

Google Roll a Die


11. Problem: Need to finish a task which you’ve been putting off?

Solution: Give yourself a specific amount of time to finish the said task by setting a timer.

Google Set a Timer


12. Problem: Patience wearing thin whilst waiting on hold for your call to be answered?

Solution: Alleviate stress by playing a few rounds of Solitaire.

Google Solitaire Game


13. Problem: Busy with a little DIY around the house, but can’t find your spirit level?

Solution: Grab your mobile device, click on Google and type ‘bubble level’ into the search bar, and you’ll never need your spirit level again.

Google Spirit Level


14. Problem: Bank queue doesn’t seem to be moving, and you’ve checked your Facebook timeline 7 times already. You’re starting to become frustrated. 

Solution: Tic-tac-toe might just do the trick. This old favourite is bound to amuse you for a few minutes. Various levels of difficulty available. The competition got quite heated at Ruby Digital.

Google Tic Tac Toe game


15. Problem: About to call your grandmother in a far flung land to wish her for her 80th, but not sure what time of day (or night) it is there?

Solution: Simply type: ‘time in’ followed by the place, and you’ll become grandchild of the year as opposed to ‘the inconsiderate one who always calls at the wrong time’.
Google Time


16. Problem: Not sure what the day’s weather holds?

Solution: Type ‘weather’ into the search bar, and, if you’ve chosen not to reveal your location to Google, type in the city or town’s name.

Google Weather

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