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Ruby Search Solutions to launch “Rubik”, an Off-Site Monitoring Tool

For a number of years now Ruby Search Solutions have been working tirelessly on a secret project code named “Rubik” – the worlds first automated and comprehensive off-site monitoring tool.

Rubik will look to cover areas of off-site SEO which have never been touched before as well as provide its users with many more fantastic features. Ruby Search Solutions say that what makes “Rubik” different from many other systems is that it doesn’t just provide users with data but more importantly intelligence. It also does what many tools don’t which is give clients full scale transparency around what is really going on with their off-site SEO activities. Ruby Search Solutions say that this will change the industry for the better as it allows clients to hold SEO agencies accountable for their actions as well as put more pressure on them to deliver off-site SEO services to a safe and set standard.

Initially Rubik will only  be rolled out exclusively to Ruby Search Solutions clients.

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