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Top 16 Things You Didn’t Know Google Could Do

If we had to write a poem about Google, it would be filled with adjectives relating to its marvelous search capabilities…about how almost any question never need remain unanswered…how information is at our fingertips 24/7 and so forth, but what you may not know is, that apart from being the world’s most popular search engine,

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Good SEO vs Poor SEO: are you getting what you’re paying for?

The truth is that not all SEO agencies are created equally. Some are extremely diligent, hire quality staff, prioritise training, stay on the pulse of technology and implement SEO with precision and pride. On the other hand, there are agencies who are purely in it to make money no matter the cost – dazzling their

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Ruby Digital Given Beta Version to Test New AdWords Feature

We all know that Google doesn’t sleep. Chances are that if you’ve thought of a bright new idea for Search, Google already thought of it a year ago and its developers have almost completed the project. Hence it came as no surprise to us when Google handed us a beta version of a new feature