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HTTPS is now required for collecting sensitive information in Chrome

If your website captures your customers’ sensitive information and is not HTTPS secure, your website will now display a red “NOT SECURE” badge in Google Chrome!

What are the implications of not converting to HTTPS?

  • Your website will appear unsafe, resulting in visitors not trusting your site and therefore not translating into customers.
  • Your website will be more vulnerable to being hacked.
  • Google will view your site as being less trustworthy which makes you less visible on Google’s search engine result pages.

Man holding a green lock indicating a HTTPS website

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is required to ensure that information submitted by your customers remains private.

Why change to HTTPS?

  • Makes websites faster
  • Improves visibility on Google
  • Keeps customers’ information safe
  • Increases trust and credibility
  • Required for PCI (credit card) security compliance

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