Google Rolls out Page Rank Update

Google Rolls out Page Rank Update after Matt Cutts said they wouldn’t

Last month saw the update of the Google Page Rank Toolbar – not to be confused with Google’s own internal Page Rank which is not visible to the public.

Whereas this is quite a common occurrence in the SEO space, this time around it comes unexpected due to the fact that Matt Cutts explicitly stated that there wasn’t one on the cards for 2013/2014. But at the end of the day, why should we care about Page Rank as so many agencies and SEO guru’s alike constantly mitigate its value by saying that it’s no longer current. Well to be factually honest, its the ONLY metrics from Google that we actually have to tell a sites popularity and authority.

I find in SEO its very easy to get caught up in all the opinions and “new found metrics” that pop up everyday, but at the end of the day that’s all they are… opinions. Don’t me wrong I’m the last person to say that we should live and die by Google Page Rank and I also find that the new metrics put together by other non-Googlers are actually quite good.

Bottom line – let’s  continue to give Page Rank some value as it still does provide some great indicators into the whole world SEO.

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