[Infographic] 5 Steps to Become an Instagram Influencer

They travel the world, wear fancy clothing, and drive the best cars. Maybe you’ve wondered what it would be like to be one… an Instagram influencer. One of those beautiful humans that leads a lavish lifestyle from posting a selfie each day. 

So how does one become an Instagram influencer in the first place? Becoming an Instagram influencer is a lot like becoming any sort of social media influencer: you have to know the right steps to take to maximize your brand through clever social media management.

Here is an infographic showing 5 steps to become an Instagram influencer. Read below the infographic for further details on each step.

1) Create great content

There’s a reason Instagram influencers often call themselves ‘content creators.’ Instagram is an incredibly content-rich social media platform, meaning you need to work extremely hard to stand out. 

That means taking HD photos and writing compelling captions that resonate with people. Choose a specific niche, and devote yourself to it, whether it be beauty, bodybuilding or anything in between. 

Your content needs to make people want to see more of it, and share it with their friends. So to become an Instagram influencer, you’ll need to brush up on your photography and writing skills, as well as learning what subject matter your audience is interested in, and how you can depict it from a new perspective. 

2) Use the algorithm well

People are often afraid of the Instagram algorithm, fearful of things like shadow bans, and convinced that the algorithm purposefully hides their content.

It doesn’t.

But what it does do is show users the most relevant posts, based on which accounts they interact with most.

So, it’s very important to get acquainted with the algorithm if you want to become an Instagram influencer. Here are some tips for using hashtags that will help you sit favorably in the algorithm:

  • Posts with 9 hashtags get the most engagement. Don’t use too many more – it looks spammy, which the algorithm does not like.
  • Choose longtail hashtags. A hashtag with 100 million posts might seem like the better option based on its popularity, but your post will get lost amongst the extreme volume. By favoring hashtags with only thousands and tens of thousands of posts, you’re giving your content more time to stand out before newer posts hide it.
  • Only use relevant hashtags. If it’s not in your picture, then don’t use it as a hashtag. You’ll just be misleading people and categorizing your content incorrectly.

Using the algorithm to your advantage is extremely important if you want to become an Instagram influencer. 

3) Engage your community

This point ties into point 2 – if you engage with people, the algorithm will rank your posts higher in their feeds. This means you need to like and sincerely comment on other people’s posts in your community (those comments also get seen by other users, and can direct potential followers to your page). 

It’s important that your comments are thoughtful and not just a random “Wow! So great!” You want to develop relationships with your followers and with other accounts in your niche. Respond to their questions in your DMs and ask questions of your own!

You’ll get a boost just by being a nice person! And you may even make some friends on your road to becoming an Instagram influencer. 

4) Scope out the competition 

But by no means copy them.

Seeing what other people are doing in your niche will help you craft the best strategy possible: you’ll be able to see what content users are engaging with and enjoying, and what content is being ignored.

Notice the kind of content those top Instagram influencers are posting. Notice what hashtags they’re using. Then, put your own spin on it and see how your followers react. 

This strategy will keep you capitalizing on trending and popular topics/ideas within Instagram.

5) Be authentic

Instagram at its core is a storytelling medium – it’s meant to be a way to document your life. And yes, while it is often argued that influencers portray a fake version of their lives on the platform, it does make sense to try to only show the good parts of your life, right?

Well, to a degree.

Yes, people probably wouldn’t be interested in following you if all your pictures showed you in a messy home, even if that was the way you legitimately lived (no judging).

But being authentic means showing people your real personality. It means becoming an Instagram influencer for the sake of creating content that captures something important to people and not doing it all for the money.

And finally, it means not buying bots

Becoming an Instagram influencer takes time, and it takes hard work. Focus on creating compelling content, being a storyteller and developing relationships with people, and you won’t even have to worry about followers. They will come to you. 


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