PPC Changes Boosts SEO

This month Google made some significant changes to the way it displays PPC ads. Before as you may recall they utilized a slight colouration to the ads section so that you were able to distinguish between what was paid for via the Google Adwords Platform and what was generic based on Google’s Algorithm.

But now that has all changed, the colour has been replaced with an orange clearly visible “Ads” sign as well as “sponsored section” label.

Well PPC was marked before, why does this change anything or for a better question why would this boost SEO?

Well there are  2 reasons this changes PPC :

Firstly people are able to clearly identify serps are which and secondly the very use of the words ads/sponsored has always carried with it a somewhat negative get away from me connotation. It is for this reason that many industry professionals including ourselves are busy crunching through the numbers to prove what we already expect. Now people are more aware of the ads they will scroll further down the page to get to the real meat… SEO-driven GENERIC SERPS!



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