Quality Link Building over Quantity

Online marketing can be such a frustrating concept for your clients, because often they want to be ranked 1st by tomorrow (or preferably…yesterday). Any traditional advertising or design must be done incredibly fast with lots of glitter, sparkles and pizzazz…to get noticed by potential customers or clients. So they believe this must be true with online marketing too. Here you are trying to tell them to take it slower with SEO strategies, quality link building with quality content marketing and a general “less is more” attitude.

“But surely the more ads we send out, the more we will be noticed?”…uh…no.

Whether you’re link building, formulating an SEO plan or figuring out a client social media campaign…you want your client to have a presence rather than be just another listing in the phone book.

Do people still use the phone book?


Quality Link Building is our meat & potatoes

I know there has been coverage of Matt’s whole “you don’t need SEO if you have quality content…” which I agree with. Because high-calibre Content with quality link building will birth results that are organic and therefore won’t be penalized with the roll-out of Google’s new Penguin update. We are lucky that we’ve cultivated great relationships globally with wonderful writers and webmasters, who all bring their own unique skills and niche interests to the table. We have built relationships with these webmasters, writers, journalists, photographers. The thing they all have in common is their ability to write or produce quality content that isn’t redundant or a waste of a reader’s time.

The content is relevant, informative, entertaining, humorous and above all…factually true. You could take the information within them to the bank.

quality link building
Many companies use Black Hat link farming over investing in quality link building techniques and quality content

But the black hat companies that believe rather in quantity, are flooding the internet with articles filled to the brim with links (there’s more blue underlined text than regular text) and information regurgitated from multiple sources. (And you can see it when the same incorrect fact is in multiple articles) and it’s these that are giving link building a bad rap.


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