Ruby Digital Given Beta Version to Test New AdWords Feature

We all know that Google doesn’t sleep. Chances are that if you’ve thought of a bright new idea for Search, Google already thought of it a year ago and its developers have almost completed the project. Hence it came as no surprise to us when Google handed us a beta version of a new feature for AdWords called ‘Account Health Score for Search’.

This new feature, which is soon to be found in the ‘Opportunities’ tab, provides advertisers with a ‘health score’ for their Paid Search accounts.  This is the ideal way to find out how accurately your Search Network campaigns are configured and provide suggestions on how to rectify potential issues in order for your campaigns not only to perform better, but to achieve their full potential.

Upon assessing your various campaigns, Health Scores provides feedback as to which campaigns may benefit from a few tweaks –  thus bringing them in line with best practice principles. It also goes on to indicate the expected outcome after the recommended amendments have been made.

What are these scores and how do they calculate them?

To answer simply, Health Scores are percentage scores awarded by Google. The following factors are taken into account:

  • Ad group structures, including themes
  • Any negative keywords present in the account
  • Ad extensions used
  • Ad delivery methods
  • The location of your adverts i.e. on Google and Google’s various search partners
  • Mobile responsiveness of your landing page
  • Whether or not you are using conversion tracking

The reasoning behind Health Score is pretty simple: by encouraging users to adhere to Google AdWords best practices, they are ensuring higher quality ads and thus creating a better user experience – which translates into more conversions.

In the end, it’s a win-win situation.

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