Why You Should Use Accordions & Read Mores For Your Content

Google values long content. Longer-form content ranks better, gets more shares, and is better for SEO.

It’s all about providing users with extensive knowledge on a subject – answering all of their questions, rather than answering one or two superficially, and thus requiring them to go off someone else for further information.

But the problem with long content is it takes up a lot of space.

And people don’t always like to scroll for ages. A huge amount of content could actually make it harder for someone to find the exact piece of information they’re looking for.

So how can we reconcile long content with minimal webpage impact?

Accordions and read more buttons!

Accordions and read more buttons let you keep all your valuable information, while not making the webpage extremely long, and thus requiring excessive scrolling.



Take a look at our accordion below, which we incorporated an FAQ into. Accordions are our go-to for FAQs as they go together extremely well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Answer 1

Question 2

Answer 2

Question 3

Answer 3

Read more buttons

Read more buttons work in a similar way to accordions – they help to make web pages shorter while still retaining useful content for those users that are interested in in-depth information.

Transparency gradients are another feature you can include with your read more buttons – they really help make it obvious that there is more content available for reading.

So the next time you’ve got some lengthy, informative content for your users, consider taking the minimal approach – accordions and read more buttons are here to help!

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