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Brief & Objectives

The main focus of the campaign was to set the website up to drive as much traffic as possible during the last few months of the year. We had a long term focus on driving value when it mattered most. Due to the company focusing on Corporate Gifts we knew that the busiest time would be the end of the year. We therefore designed the strategy so that by the time the busy season hit the website was at its most visible. Throughout the year we saw small increases and improvement in traffic with the big spike occurring as planning at the end of the year.


What We Did

  • Set up conversion tracking on the website to track return on investment
  • Onsite optimization on key category and product pages we felt would drive value
  • Built high quality links to these pages through blogger outreach and infographic development


Organic Traffic Increase





Increase in Organic Traffic

Year on Year Organic Traffic Increase

Increase in Seasonal Traffic Year on Year

Increase in Conversions


Fancy inc month on month results

Seasonal Traffic Year on Year


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