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Dr Rory Dower is a specialist plastic surgeon with expertise in a multitude of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, including Breast Augmentation and Facelifts. Globally trained under the tutelage of some of the world’s leading plastic surgeons, Dr Dower completed his FC Plast Surg (SA) and MMed (Plast Surg) in South Africa and holds board-certification.

58.27%Increase in new users

30.42%Conversion Increase

Brief & Objectives

Dr Dower, of the Plastic Surgery Centre, approached Ruby Digital with the goal of increasing the number of bookings they received through the organic channel by improving their overall rankings and visibility for relevant keywords in Cape Town, South Africa.


When Dr Dower came to us they were experiencing slowly declining SEO visibility in key markets and not being able to keep up to date with Google’s latest algorithm update for the health & wellness sector.

Our Solution

We achieved our objective through improving the visibility of Dr Dower for both highly relevant and transaction-ready (surgery) key terms. We identified a number of areas that required correction. These areas included technical and on-page optimizations as well as improving user experience through the website. Our other solutions were to develop their SEO strategy in alignment with the latest Google best practices. The team set out to build citations to the correct NAP and GMB listing. We updated pictures on the GMB listing and applied internal linking optimisation with a focus on terms:

liposuction and stomach liposuction. The team also implemented keyword research and content optimisation, which included FAQ content headings for plastic surgery related terms. We also applied content outreach to promote content developed for link-building to webmaster targets.


The website has seen an upward trend in SEO visibility through keyword and content optimisations. This has resulted in an increase of 58% year-on-year for new users via the organic channel. Conversions by way of booking form submissions increased by 30% year-on-year and we achieved improved ranking positions for a number of plastic surgery related keywords including number #1 positions for gynecomastia surgery and nose surgery.

58.27% Increase in new users (Year-on-year)
30.42% Conversion Increase (Year-on-Year)
Number 1 Position Ranking for – Nose Surgery
Number 1 Position Ranking for – Gynecomastia Surgery

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