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"Ruby Digital has done an excellent job on establishing the Vadas name with both social media and on Google. They are always professional and their client communication is outstanding".

Tara Vadas
Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery

Key Recruitment

“Ruby Digital’s service is the best by far. From their personal and engaging manner, through to their product delivery.”

David Bowman
Marketing Manager
Key Recruitment


“We have seen vast improvements with our Organic growth of the website.”

Maranda Dam
Fancy Inc


“Professional personalized service, Ruby Digital helped us achieve great sustainable results over a short timeframe in a competitive industry.”

Chris Jacoby
Managing Director
Data First

Ruby Digital Services

With more than 10 years of experience we’ve learned what is valuable to our clients

We’re Experts at Engaging Audiences & Converting Clicks to Customers.

The digital age has left many businesses uninformed and unaware of the importance of utilizing search engine marketing. We at Ruby Digital understand that to have a thriving and successful business today, one needs to not only understand the significance of the internet but also know how to manipulate it to promote your business, in a way that increases the numbers and quality of your customers.

In the past decade, the internet and social media have become a very influential and powerful tool in producing a lasting digital footprint as well as generating and increasing a relevant customer base. Ready to Grow? Our digital marketing team will work closely with you to understand your goals and create a complete and personalized campaign that delivers for your business time and time again. Thus, ensuring all your media needs are fulfilled.

Results Are A Given, It Is What Else We Can Do That Makes A Difference.

At Ruby Digital we see ourselves as our client’s virtual online marketing department and therefore an extension of their team and of their business. We think like this because we believe that any function of a business working in isolation is destined to not reach its full potential.

We are all about delivering lasting value to our clients. Our team of hard-working, passionate experts ensures clear, honest and tangible results online. We can help your business achieve success! Get in touch with us now and see how.



Do you offer whitelabel services?

Unfortunately not.

Do you work with other agencies?

One of our core philosophies at Ruby Digital is that really getting to understand your business and your goals is essential to promoting your brand successfully. We are happy to work hand in hand with other agencies and teams, so long as we are able to communicate and collaborate with the client directly. 

Do you market in multiple languages?

Unfortunately not, English only.

What locations do you service? Do you work with clients in other countries?

Ruby Digital is based in South Africa, but we’ve run successful international campaigns for companies located around the world – including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Israel, Ireland and more. Our speciality is helping brands shine on the global digital stage! 

Why use Ruby when I can hire in-house?

There are a number of advantages to outsourcing your digital marketing to us. Firstly, you’ll gain access to a full team of award-winning marketing experts under one roof. We draw from years of data and experience, as well as the top industry tools available which often aren’t feasible to use in house on 1 client.

Hiring someone to handle all your digital marketing in-house means an additional person to manage, whereas we self-manage. We can also juggle the full range of digital marketing strategies, from SEO to social media, which is very challenging for one individual. 


What KPIs / success metrics / performance measures do you use?

Because we have such a diverse client group, we measure your progress and growth in a number of different ways. For ecommerce clients, for example, you might be most interested in boosting your conversion rate, while a B2B company may be more interested in lead generation. 

Other metrics we use include COCA (Cost Of Customer Acquisition), LTV (Lifetime Value), and of course measures like impressions and CTR (Click Through Rates) for paid advertising and social campaigns.   

For us, the most important measure is your ROI – Return On Investment. Our goal is to ensure you’re consistently getting more out of your campaigns than they’re costing you.  

Will I have access to metrics and reports?

Aside from the progress updates you receive during monthly meetings, your dedicated account manager can also provide you with weekly reports so you can see your overall growth. If you like, we can provide anytime access to our reporting software so you can track performance whenever it suits you

Do you conduct competitor analysis / collect benchmark data?

Absolutely. Comprehensive competitor analysis is a vital step in our process, as this data allows us to find ways in which you can outperform them. We also use leading tools like SEMrush, Moz and Google Analytics to get a clear picture of your industry, where opportunities lie, and what the best strategy for your brand’s long term success are. 

How does your client onboarding process work?

We strive to make the onboarding process as smooth and seamless as possible, so we can hit the ground running! Firstly, we like to make sure we really understand your immediate and long-term goals. No two clients are the same, so we are always open to negotiating a system which works for you. 

Generally, however, we aim to get a Scope of Works and accounting contract set up early on during our strategy sessions. We will review these carefully with you so both parties understand their responsibilities and expectations. 

Dedicated Account Manager:

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated account manager, who will become your main point of contact, and get to know your business inside out. This has advantages for both sides. Our digital teams can take advantage of their in depth knowledge of your brand, and you have a contact who is working closely with every aspect of your digital campaign, from social media to PPC.   

Preparation and Kickstart Session! 

Before we meet with you for your first strategy session, we do a deep dive into your website and online presence. This includes using the best available reporting and site auditing tools, as well as the shared expertise of our various digital experts. We will also analyse any of your past marketing efforts for other valuable insights.   

At the kickstart session, we’ll break down our findings and recommendations for you in simple language, and give you the chance to ask any questions you might have. We’ll highlight where your biggest opportunities lie, and ensure you have realistic expectations right from the start. From here, we’ll create a schedule of deliverables based around your top priorities as well as your long term goals. 

We are always keen to hear about any ideas or concerns you might have.


How quickly will I start seeing results after working with Ruby Digital?

Generally speaking, you can expect to see a significant ROI after the following time periods:

  • SEO – 6 to 7 months 
  • PPC – within 3 months 
  • Social media ads – also around 3 months 

As you can see, how quickly you see results depends on the digital marketing strategies we employ, but there are a number of other factors to consider. Your industry and how competitive your marketspace is, and what your specific goals are are major factors. 

In addition, ‘slower’ strategies like SEO and content marketing have a much longer-lasting impact, and will keep driving new traffic and sales even after the campaign is over. This is why we tend to recommend a blend of strategies, so you can enjoy both fast results now, and sustainable growth down the line.    

How long do I need to commit to working with Ruby Digital?

We generally recommend 12 months as the ideal timeframe for optimal results, although this varies significantly depending on your industry, competition, and the nature of the projects you want to undertake. Over the years we’ve found that it takes time to optimise campaigns to their full potential, and achieve real, lasting, and sustainable success. 

If you need to see results fast, we can consider other options such as PPC (pay per click) advertising. As always, we create a customized strategy for each one of our clients. We do also offer once-off projects (such as web development) which are shorter term, but we find most of these clients will also benefit from additional services such as SEO, or conversion rate optimisation in the case of ecommerce websites.

Our relationship with our clients is based on performance, success, and lasting growth.

What should my digital marketing budget be?

Naturally, the more you’re able to invest in your marketing and SEO strategy, the greater your returns will be – but that doesn’t mean you can’t see exceptional results with a smaller budget. 

How much you should spend also depends on the types of services you’ll be using, and how quickly you want to achieve your goals. For example, PPC campaigns will require a higher starting budget, but deliver results very quickly. Other approaches like content marketing will cost less, but you’ll need to have a little more patience. 

During the consultation process, our experts will provide you with forecasts as well as a viable budget to ensure success for any service. We will also recommend a flexible starting budget based on your goals and what you want to accomplish. 

BILLING & contract terms

What payment options are available?

All South African based clients are required to be loaded onto PayCycle, which is a payment platform. This ensures that there is never a gap in your service, keeping performance our main priority and making payment options easier for you. International clients are welcome to make payments via PayPal or Swift EFT.

Are there any other fees I should be aware of?

No, we will be upfront with you about all charges when setting up your contract. In the case of one-off projects like graphic design or web development, we will ask for your approval first should additional work hours be needed to complete the project to your specifications.  

What if I want to cancel my contract / services?

The majority of our contracts have a minimum term of 12 months, which we have found to be the best period of time to ensure great performance. We will always be upfront with new clients that generating a significant return on investment takes time, but that patience is always rewarded!  

Please give us at least 30 days notice if you need to cancel your services, and note that we reserve the rate to bill a cancellation charge if your contract end date has not been reached.

What are your contract terms?

Scope of Work (SOW) agreements are typically either:

  • Project-based, or
  • Recurring Service contracts  

Each campaign or project begins with a client consultation and start meeting, where we discuss time frames and sprint plans. If you really need to hit the ground running, we will negotiate an urgency fee with you before we begin, if applicable, to ensure we can deliver by your deadlines.  

Project SOWs:

Project SOWs include once-off projects like development of a new website, or a major overhaul or redesign of an existing site. These are priced at a flat rate, and we will require a 50% deposit on the estimated total cost for work to begin.

Once your project is ready to go live, you’ll receive a final invoice for the balance of the fees due. 

Recurring Service SOWs:

Recurring Service SOWs are billed monthly. You will receive an invoice 7 days prior to the service month, and we request you make payment on or before the 1st of the month to avoid delays. For your campaigns to be successful, we ask our clients to understand the need for an upfront commitment. Delayed payments may mean we have to put your services on hold, which can cause your campaign to lose momentum. 

Where a third party platform is involved (such as Google or a Social Media advertising channel) Ruby Digital will facilitate the billing directly with the provider on your behalf. 

Recurring service contracts are typically 12 months, whereafter we work on a month to month basis.    

What does your invoicing process look like?

Because many of our campaigns require an initial cash outlay for advertising and content creation, we request customers make payment 30 days in advance of the go live date. In the event you are unable to pay an invoice, services will simply be suspended until you’re able to resume payments. 

What are your rates / how do you charge?

  • Once-off projects like web development are charged at a custom price based on your technical requirements.
  • Most of our other services are charged at a standardised rate, with a minimum viable rate to ensure the success of the campaign in place. 

As we tailor each campaign to your individual business, we encourage you to get in touch, and one of our experts will get back to you with a custom quote. We’ll also be able to guide on which services will be of the most benefit to you, and answer any technical questions you might have. 

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