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Bon Hotels

“Ruby Digital has been a key asset to the growth of our company. They have a wealth of knowledge in the digital space and have shown constant innovation focused on achieving our business objectives.”

Natasha Bester
Group Marketing Manager
BON Hotels

Key Recruitment

“Ruby Digital’s service is the best by far. From their personal and engaging manner, through to their product delivery.”

David Bowman
Marketing Manager
Key Recruitment

Key Recruitment


“We have seen vast improvements with our Organic growth of the website.”

Maranda Dam
Fancy Inc

Fancvy Inc Logo


“Professional personalized service, Ruby Digital helped us achieve great sustainable results over a short timeframe in a competitive industry.”

Chris Jacoby
Managing Director
Data First

Data First Cape Town Logo


Ruby Digital Services

With more than 10 years of experience we’ve learned what is valuable to our clients

We’re Experts at Engaging Audiences & Converting Clicks to Customers.

The digital age has left many businesses uninformed and unaware of the importance of utilizing search engine marketing. We at Ruby Digital understand that to have a thriving and successful business today, one needs to not only understand the significance of the internet but also know how to manipulate it to promote your business, in a way that increases the numbers and quality of your customers.

In the past decade, the internet and social media have become a very influential and powerful tool in producing a lasting digital footprint as well as generating and increasing a relevant customer base. Ready to Grow? Our digital marketing team will work closely with you to understand your goals and create a complete and personalized campaign that delivers for your business time and time again. Thus, ensuring all your media needs are fulfilled.

Results Are A Given, It Is What Else We Can Do That Makes A Difference.

At Ruby Digital we see ourselves as our client’s virtual online marketing department and therefore an extension of their team and of their business. We think like this because we believe that any function of a business working in isolation is destined to not reach its full potential.

We are all about delivering lasting value to our clients. Our team of hard-working, passionate experts ensures clear, honest and tangible results online. We can help your business achieve success! Get in touch with us now and see how.

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