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Increase visibility

Google Maps SEO will make it easier for your customers to find and visit your business.


Connect with your customers

If your business is easy to find on Google Maps, people will be more likely to rate, share, and review it, which are all important factors for search engine rankings.


Make information easy to find

Google Maps optimization allows you to display crucial information about your business hours and physical location on a platform most people use.


What is Google Maps marketing?

Google Maps marketing is one of the best ways for small business owners to boost their sales. This form of marketing refers to the process of using the functionality of Google Maps to make your business easier to find. Google Maps SEO practices are essential for companies that want to increase their local traffic.

As a reputable Google Maps marketing agency in South Africa, we provide our clients with a great way to get noticed by a local audience. Our talented SEO specialists are experienced in Google Maps listing optimization, which allows small business owners to promote their brands at an affordable price.

Factors that influence your Google Maps SEO ranking

We pride ourselves in being the best Google Maps marketing company in South Africa. Our SEO experts are familiar with strategies that enable small businesses in Cape Town and Johannesburg to attract local consumers and build customer loyalty. Nearly 75% of all online searchers don’t look past the first page when searching for a local business. Here are the factors that determine whether you can get a position on the first page:

Having a verified Google My Business page

The number of mentions you have on web listings such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp

The frequency of user ratings left by your customers.

The number of photos you have of your business

The frequency of your Google My Business posts

The proximity of your business to the city center or geo-target

As you can see, you need to have a Google My Business account to achieve a high ranking. Our local maps SEO specialists in Cape Town and Johannesburg can use the Google My Business tool to give you a competitive edge. We’ll post important information about your business, regularly upload new photos, and do everything else to ensure you rank high on Google Maps.

The benefits of Google Maps marketing

While some shoppers still like to discover new shops by walking around town, nearly all consumers now use Google Maps to search for businesses that sell the products they’re looking for. With that being said, the biggest benefit of Google Maps optimization is that you’ll be more discoverable to a lot of shoppers. With good local maps SEO practices, your business will pop up as soon as someone opens Google Maps while in your area.

We’re a Google Maps optimization service that knows the struggle small businesses go through while trying to establish a loyal customer base. That’s why we offer an affordable way to promote your brand. Among the top benefits of our Google Maps marketing service is that it won’t break your bank even if you’re on a tight budget.

Another great thing about maps optimization is that it will help you build trust with consumers. Trust is incredibly important for encouraging people to visit your business. People will instantly trust you if they see that you have a complete, verified profile on Google Maps. We can also include a Google Maps Street View of your business as a way to ensure you build trust with your audience. This is an excellent strategy that gives your customers a chance to take a virtual tour of your business before visiting it in person.

What’s included in our Google Maps optimization service

Ruby Digital is a reputable Google Maps marketing agency with a team of highly qualified SEO experts that can transform your business. We carefully craft a marketing strategy for each of our clients to ensure they can easily be found on Google Maps. When you have a high ranking on this platform, customers are able to find relevant information regarding your business and get in touch with you in a matter of seconds. That’s exactly why around half of people who search for a product in their area visit a store they find on Google Maps within a day.

We’re a qualified local maps marketing agency in South Africa that is focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses increase their revenue. One of the ways we help our clients is through maps search optimization. Here’s what we can do for you:


Creating a GTM account

We will create a Google My Business account for your company and add all the necessary information, like your physical location, operating hours, website address, and more.


Image optimization

We’ll incorporate images and videos of your shop that are optimized for local SEO Google Maps.


Developing a review generation strategy

We’ll put a review generation strategy in place, which will enable you to gain more visibility on Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo! Business listing, and Bing Local. We can also improve your brand’s image on local review sites.


Building local links

We can help you build local links with other companies in your area, which will increase the reputation and ranking of your business. To do this, we can either use your connections or help you create relationships with local businesses in your area.


Creating unique content

Our team of SEO specialists in South Africa can write unique content for your company’s website, which can have a huge effect on your Google Maps SEO rankings.


The finishing touches

Our SEO experts in Cape Town and Johannesburg will make sure that your business is properly categorized on Google My Business. We’ll audit and optimize citations of your small business, especially in popular South African websites.

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