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Increase Traffic and Conversions

Quality content on your website or blog increases organic traffic, and converts visitors into customers. 


Build Loyalty by Educating Your Customers

Content marketing is the number one activity to build brand loyalty by educating and offering real value to your visitors.


Gain Subscribers through Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a great way to earn trust by offering visitors and potential customers quality content in exchange for their emails. 


Position your Brand as an Industry Thought Leader

Quality content and providing visitors with great information is a strong way to position your brand as an industry expert.


Cutting edge content marketing to take your company to the next level

Part art, part science – content marketing is about so much more than SEO. It’s about building your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness, informing and entertaining your audience, boosting brand awareness and customer loyalty, and ultimately generating quality leads that convert into revenue for your business. 

That’s where Ruby Digital’s experienced team of SEO copywriting experts and graphic designers come in. From engaging social media posts, to informative website copy and compelling blog and guest posts on high authority sites (all coupled with our expert SEO knowledge and proven digital marketing strategies) our content marketing team will be proud to represent your brand.

Our results-driven approach to content marketing includes:

In-depth keyword analysis and best practice SEO writing

Crafting content that generates high quality, targeted leads

Continuous monitoring, testing, and improvement to boost performance

Understanding your audience and competitors to create content that stands out and converts 

In-depth keyword analysis and best practice SEO writing

Crafting content that generates high quality, targeted leads

Continuous monitoring, testing, and improvement to boost performance

Understanding your audience and competitors to create content that stands out and converts

The advantages of working with a content marketing agency

There are an enormous number of benefits associated with content marketing. 

It’s cost effective.

Because great content keeps attracting new organic traffic all the time, money spent on content development is a genuine investment.

It’s cumulative.

As the amount of quality content associated with your brand grows, you can expect better and better performance in search engine results.

It creates trust.

By making it clear you’re sincerely interested in solving your customers’ problems, your brand gains credibility.

It guides visitors on their buyer’s journey.

By telling a story, you can lead your potential customers through your offering in a logical way.

That’s what our copywriting company in Cape Town and Johannesburg specialises in.

How does content marketing in South Africa work?

At Ruby Digital we understand just how hard you’ve worked to build your business, and how much you’re invested in its success. That’s why we always start our content marketing approach by really getting to understand your company’s vision, voice, aesthetics and brand image, and the kind of relationship you want to build with your potential customers.

By then combining our proven digital marketing and SEO strategies with content and copy that reflects all of these things, we’re able to create content that’s compelling, appeals to your target audience, and outperforms the competition -while still aligning with your unique vision.

What are the benefits of partnering with a content writing company?

First and foremost, content marketing only works if you have the time and resources to do it! With a business to run, setting time aside to write up a weekly blog post, daily social media updates or well-researched industry articles, often becomes impossible. This is a great pity, because there’s no better way to drive free traffic to your website than through great content. It’s why so many businesses turn to content creation companies in the first place.

What many content marketing companies in South Africa lack, unfortunately, is the crucial SEO component. Your average content agency in Cape Town or Johannesburg likely doesn’t have a team of SEO specialists on hand to guide the content creation process.

This matters because aside from the quality of your content, you need to make sure you’re addressing the questions your potential customers are asking. You need to make it easy for search engines to see that your content is relevant when their users are looking for information about your industry. This SEO component is what makes Ruby Digital one of the top content marketing agencies in South Africa.

SEO writing companies bring the art and science together. We analyse keyword and search volume data, as well as target market behaviour, to identify what kinds of content your ideal customers will find most helpful. Our expert copywriters in Johannesburg and Cape Town can then go about creating awesome, engaging content that satisfies that need.

Our content development agency’s process:


Brand Strategy

Our team is geared to provide a quality content strategy that is aligned to your brand. We start with meetings and questions to define your brand tone and identity, then combine search data and industry analysis to create a powerful brand strategy.


Trends and Keyword Analysis

Continuing research into keyword trends and content updates allows our content creation agency the opportunity to formulate quality content that is relevant to each audience.


Aligning of Content and Copy

Our content writing agency will produce top quality content to share with your audience, while also aligning content to the copy on your website or blog. It’s important to publish content that is consistent with your brand voice.


Publishing and Monitoring

Part of the content marketing process is the publishing of content onto websites, blogs, and various domains on the web. We also monitor content, as fresh updated content satisfies Google, and we monitor the link portfolio to maintain growth in authority and trust with Google.


Trusting the Process

Our SEO copywriting agency uses quality SEO writers and content creators to source and create the best quality content required for your audience. Clients are advised to trust our experienced and reputable writers throughout the process to get great results!


Lead Generation

Content marketing is a great way to increase traffic and build loyalty with your brand. Ruby Digital is geared to produce quality content that will increase leads and revenue for your business.

What sets our content marketing agency apart:

Whether you want to be closely involved with the process or leave it all up to us, our aim is to generate tailor-made content marketing plans that really deliver results. Each of our campaigns is customized to fit within your budget and timeframe, and achieve the maximum return on your investment.

More than just a standard copywriting agency, Ruby Digital specializes in dedicated SEO copywriting services. This means our content developers in Cape Town, Johannesburg and across South Africa have all the data they need to create content that answers the questions your potential customers are asking. When visitors find your website both informative and entertaining, they’re a lot more likely to choose your service over your competitors.

If you’re ready to start growing your brand’s reputation, truly engaging with your customers and audience, climbing the search engine rankings and steadily and sustainably growing your revenue, then get in touch with Ruby Digital today!

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