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Proven digital marketing and SEO strategies for the online betting, gambling, and iGaming industries

Few industries are experiencing growth quite as rapid as the online gambling and betting arena. Already valued at nearly $50 billion, the global iGaming market is expected to double by 2024. Understandably, there are a lot of companies trying to get their slice of the action, and the competition is fierce.

Over and above this, the nature of the online betting sector makes it subject to legal requirements and hurdles that other businesses don’t have to contend with. This combination of tough competition and an ever-changing legal landscape presents a unique challenge when it comes to marketing your iGaming venture. Thankfully, this is also where Ruby Digital is uniquely qualified to help!

Flexible, results-driven SEO and online marketing for sports betting and online gambling companies

We understand the best ways to navigate online casino marketing because we’ve done it before! Our online gambling and betting clients have enjoyed remarkable increases in traffic and revenue thanks to our adaptable, data-driven digital marketing techniques.

As with all our clients, our iGaming marketing agency approaches the SEM process with two major goals in mind:

Growing sustained organic traffic over the long term through content marketing and link building, and

Using best practice SEO and paid search to get immediate results

Over and above this, we’re passionate about keeping up to date with the latest trends in the iGaming, online gambling, and sports betting landscape. We use tried and tested techniques, coupled with cutting-edge tools and innovative strategies, to help our iGaming clients grow. Ruby Digital is an award-winning iGaming marketing agency in Cape Town & Johannesburg, with clients located across the globe.

The best digital marketing strategies for online casinos and iGaming platforms

At its core, iGaming is about one thing – entertainment! To bring in new players, you need to portray a brand that’s exciting and engaging, while also inspiring trust in potential customers.

Some of the channels we utilize in our digital marketing campaign for iGaming platforms include:

SEO for online casinos – ensuring your website is optimized both for search engines and for your players. Ruby Digital provides online casino SEO in Johannesburg & Cape Town.

PPC – Pay Per Click advertising for fast results

Content marketing – to grow your brand’s online reputation and footprint

Social media campaigns – enticing potential players with exciting content and previews, and helping to build an online community around your brand

Our iGaming SEO and online casino marketing process includes:


Market and competitor analysis

All our online gambling marketing campaigns are data-driven, and specifically tailored for your audience and niche. We take an in-depth look at what your perfect players expect from an iGaming platform, and where your competitors are falling short. 


Comprehensive iGaming SEO audit

We give your site a thorough SEO checkup, identifying technical issues which might be harming your Google ranking. This allows us to craft a customised online casino SEO strategy, and frequently give your domain an instant boost in search engines. In a field as competitive as online gambling, you can’t allow easily remedied glitches to impair your performance. 


Custom designed online gambling marketing strategy

Once we have a clear picture of your audience, objectives, and competition, we formulate a winning digital strategy for your brand. We look at which marketing channels best suit your target players, and will deliver the best possible ROI for you. 


PPC and social media campaigns

Fans of online casinos look to a variety of sources for recommendations, including search engines and social media. We make sure that whatever platforms your players are using, your brand stands out and invites them to engage.  


Conversion Rate Optimisation and advanced techniques

Why do some website visitors click away from your site without deciding to play? We explore every aspect of the player journey, testing different formulas and approaches until we land on the one that converts best. Our iGaming SEO experts can also assist with complementary marketing efforts like email marketing, content marketing and link building. Should you want to give your iGaming site a fresh new look, we can even assist with a more enticing and user-friendly web design!


Continuous monitoring, testing and refinement

One of the things that sets our iGaming marketing agency apart is our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. We enjoy keeping up to date with the latest trends in online casino marketing, and making sure our clients are always getting the best possible results.

If you’re looking for full service digital marketing for online casinos in South Africa, then get in touch with Ruby Digital now. Our experience with the international iGaming industry will give your site the advantage you need to get ahead in this ultra-competitive space.

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