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What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

CRO is all about streamlining the experience visitors have with your website, so they’re more likely to take the action you want them to. By removing elements which may be distracting or confusing, and making on-page content more compelling, you can dramatically increase conversions. Better yet, you’ll start seeing results straight away. 

That’s what a CRO agency like Ruby Digital does. We identify what your website visitors don’t like, and make it better! That means more sales, leads and revenue for you.

What do we mean by a ‘conversion’?

For most businesses, a conversion equates to someone landing on your website and then choosing to make a purchase from you. But there may be any number of actions you’d like your visitors to take. For instance:

Filling out a contact form

Requesting a quote

Subscribing to your blog or newsletter

Registering for an event or webinar

Making a booking or reservation

Downloading a brochure, product specs, order form or white paper

Following your social media channels

You may simply want to keep visitors on your website for longer to build brand awareness. Whatever the desired action might be, how many of your visitors take that action is your current conversion rate.

For example, if your website gets 1,000 visitors a month, and 15 of them on average result in a sale, your conversion rate is 1.5%. Now say you want to double your sales. You could either:

Double your website traffic, or

Improve your page’s user experience so twice as many visitors convert

As you’d expect, doubling your website traffic is no mean feat, and will take a long time (and a lot of work) to make happen. On the other hand, tweaking your website design, content and user experience can be done relatively quickly, and frequently delivers dramatic results.

This is where the services of a conversion rate optimisation company can be extremely helpful. By identifying the elements which aren’t delivering, testing different designs, carrying forward what works and eliminating what doesn’t, you get steadily closer to the optimum design.

Ruby Digital is a South African CRO agency based in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

When’s the right time to partner with a conversion rate optimization agency?

Not every website or business will be in the right stage for CRO to be of maximum benefit to them. If you’ve only just launched and don’t have a steady volume of traffic coming through, you probably don’t have enough data available for conversion rate optimisation to be helpful – yet. 

At this point, your focus is better placed on growing your traffic through best practice SEO, content marketing, and paid advertising where appropriate. Luckily, Ruby Digital can help you with this too!

CRO is most useful for websites that have a significant volume of traffic for their niche already, but aren’t seeing the sales and conversions they feel they should be. If you’re currently getting 10,000 visitors a month, it’s probably not realistic to think you can double or triple that without significant time and effort. What you could realistically double or triple is your conversion rate – and that’s where a CRO agency like us comes in. 

Ruby Digital offers conversion rate optimisation services in Johannesburg, Cape Town and across South Africa. We also cater for many international clients, including ecommerce and hospitality brands.

What does a conversion rate optimization agency do?

Conversion optimisation services revolve around two main pillars: analysis and experimentation. Our CRO experts use data from platforms such as Google Analytics to see where potential customers are abandoning your site. Sometimes the reason is obvious (such as a broken link or missing call to action), and sometimes it takes a little more digging!

This is where experimentation, or split testing, comes into play. We take your existing content, make one change we’d like to test, and then direct half your incoming to the original and half to the new version. Once we have sufficient data, the one that performs the best stays. We then test that version against another strategy, and keep repeating the process until we achieve the absolute best possible conversion rate.

What factors and page elements can influence conversion rate?  

One of the reasons conversion optimization services can deliver such speedy results is that it’s often very minor elements that are hurting your website’s performance. Take an online contact form, for example. If we notice lots of visitors are abandoning your site at this point, we know there’s something there that’s frustrating them. How can you get the lead you want without causing them more hassle than they’re willing to put up with? 

Something as simple as removing a few compulsory fields can make a contact form a whole lot less intimidating. Wherever possible, you want to do the hard work for your customers!  

Placing an SSL security certificate trust badge is another simple tweak that can pay off handsomely. It takes very little work to add to your website, but can have a massive effect in terms of visitor trust. This is especially important for ecommerce websites, or any site which accepts online orders or payments. 

From a design perspective, simply adding an eye-catching colour or visual component can draw attention to an element that’s being overlooked.

Our website conversion optimization services include:


Market and Competitor research

We analyse what your customers expect from a website like yours, so we know which areas to focus on. We examine what your competitors are getting it right, so we can formulate strategies to outperform them!


Website and Analytics Audit

We assess your website structure for any easily rectified errors, and bring in data from analytics platforms to see where deeper problems might lie.


Desktop and Mobile Audit

Your website needs to remain highly navigable, welcoming and user-friendly, no matter what device or gadgets your potential customers are using.


Split / A/B Testing

We test alternative layouts, schemes and copy until we find the version that delivers the best ROI for our clients.


Longterm Strategy for Sustained Growth

Consumers’ tastes and preferences change over time, which means CRO is not a ‘do it once and forget about it’ exercise. We’re in it for the long haul, helping our clients keep up with a rapidly changing world – and ahead of the competition!

We provide conversion optimisation services in Cape Town, Johannesburg and across South Africa. Get in touch today, and let’s unlock your website’s full potential!  

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