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Of all the many industries Ruby Digital has worked with, online education has a special place in our hearts. We recently launched DigiXP, a platform where anyone keen on learning from our success in the world of SEO can take online digital marketing courses.

To say that online education and eLearning are booming would be an understatement. The global eLearning market is projected to hit a whopping $325 billion by the year 2025. Aside from its many benefits for students, companies, and educational institutions, it’s also a great leveler – giving students who might otherwise never have been able to afford it access to first class educational resources and facilitators.


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Of course, it doesn’t matter how good the content of your online course is if people don’t see it. More than just selling the knowledge and expertise you have to offer, you also need to convince potential students and subscribers that they’ll get their money’s worth. That means investing in effective, data-driven marketing campaigns geared at the visitors who have the most to gain from what you’re offering.

When you partner with Ruby Digital to promote your online courses, we’ll ensure you’re attracting the kind of traffic that results in better leads, and ultimately more subscribers and conversions.

Customized, validated digital marketing and SEO strategies for online education businesses

With the popularity of online courses and eLearning exploding the way it is, the market has become highly competitive. For this reason, many online education providers feel they have to spend big bucks on marketing if they want the product they spent so much time developing to succeed.

At Ruby Digital, we think the quality of your online course, training or tutorials should be the deciding factor in how well it performs. And yes, while companies who have a massive budget to throw at advertising may have an advantage in the short term, this is not how you achieve real, lasting and sustainable results.

Our focus will always be on getting our clients the best ROI possible. In the case of online education, many of our clients are hoping to see consistent, recurring income from the materials they’ve created. They want to grow their subscriber base, and attract new potential learners. 

To help you do this, we first collect data and conduct in-depth market and keyword research to paint a clear picture of your potential students. Getting in their heads is the first step to getting them to notice you! We then craft a customized digital marketing plan designed just for you and your course offering. This includes a tailored, targeted mix of strategies so you see both immediate results as well as sustained long-term growth.

From promoting your eLearning products on the social media platforms your potential students prefer, to creating compelling marketing content that convinces your audience you’re the best option for them, each of our targeted, high-impact campaigns are entirely unique. Where appropriate, we will also run paid advertising campaigns to get the ball rolling, and help raise the visibility of your online courses. 

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