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Highly Targeted Advertising

LinkedIn offers some great targeting methods and client centric profiles to help you find and engage with your perfect customer.


Build Reputation

By sharing and promoting conversation with your audience, LinkedIn provides a great tool for growing your reputation online.


Network of Influencers

Engage with quality business men and women online to demo or introduce your product and grow your following by interacting with industry leaders.


SEO Benefits and B2B Marketing

Social signals from LinkedIn can improve your trust and relevance with Google to increase organic visibility, while being a great platform to search and consult with other business owners.

Let Ruby Digital Help Your Company Unlock the Precision-Targeted Power of LinkedIn Advertising

Designed specifically as a networking platform for businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is the ideal social network for B2B marketing. LinkedIn members use the platform to share both in-depth information on their careers, work history, and skills on an individual basis, as well as valuable data and insights on the companies they own or work for.

In 2017, LinkedIn grew to more than 500 million members – all of whom are looking to connect with brands that can help them grow their businesses and careers. We’ll make sure your brand is one of them.

Why should my company advertise on LinkedIn?

As a B2B platform, there are few social networks that allow for such targeted, focused advertising. Because the LinkedIn platform is made up of companies and professionals, you can direct your campaigns at a very specific audience.

These might include:

  • Specific companies (or company sizes)
  • Industries and sectors
  • Levels of education
  • Areas of expertise
  • Job titles
  • Skills
  • Qualifications

…and much more, all over and above the standard demographic breakdowns like age, gender and geographical location. While most social media platforms will give you some degree of control over who does and doesn’t see your ads, only LinkedIn offers quite this level of targeting for B2B marketing.

How does LinkedIn advertising work?

On LinkedIn, traditional ads work on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. That means that you’re only charged when an interested member actually clicks on one of your adverts, rather than simply when they’re exposed to them. For most of our clients, this model makes good sense in terms of ROI – as we’ve already done the work to make sure your ad is displayed to the right target audience.

Another option for LinkedIn advertising is the cost-per-impression (CPI) model. As the name suggests, this type of campaign is based on the number of people who see your advert displayed, but may not actually choose to click on it. This is a good option for new companies to build brand awareness and get their name out there, or when you’re running a limited time promotion, for example. Not sure which is right for you? Don’t worry – our expert LinkedIn ads team will be able to point you in the right direction!

Our approach

At Ruby Digital, our focus is always on using data-driven decision making to craft the most effective campaigns for our clients. This makes our experienced team the perfect match for a platform like LinkedIn, which allows us to narrow down our focus to only the individuals and companies which are most likely to convert, and therefore deliver an exceptional ROI for our clients.

Our tried and tested LinkedIn advertising process includes:

  • Intense focus on data and trend analysis to guarantee best possible ROI
  • Ongoing testing and tweaking to consistently improve your results
  • Regular reporting, campaign monitoring and re-optimization
  • Working across text ads, sponsored content and multimedia content to appeal to a broad range of professionals and demographics
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Working alongside your company to set realistic goals within your allocated budget
  • Identification of new audiences, markets and areas of untapped potential
  • Creating a call to action that your potential customers will be unable to ignore

As with all our services, the Ruby Digital team takes pride in:

  • Staying abreast of all relevant industry changes, trends and new strategies which can benefit our customers
  • Creating LinkedIn content and campaigns that align with each of our client’s brand images and visions
  • Keeping you in the loop at all times, and offering valuable advice and insights to help you grow your online presence
  • Focusing on realistic and sustainable goals for ongoing growth
  • Regular campaign tracking, consulting, measurements and progress reports
  • Getting to really know and understand our clients’ businesses and their unique objectives

It’s for all these reasons and more that Ruby Digital has become the top-rated online marketing agency in South Africa… blah blah

Chat about what we can do for you.


Setting Up Business Profile

Our team will set up your professional business profile on LinkedIn and provide eye-catching copy and information to make your profile simple to understand and navigate.


Ad Creation and Brand Message

Ruby Digital delivers best practice LinkedIn solutions to Ad Creation and will use our experience to promote the right message for your brand or product.


Competitor Analysis

We will monitor and notify our clients of industry analysis for LinkedIn campaigns. Understanding strengths and weaknesses in the market will help get the best results for your business


Scheduling Ads

The team will communicate on the scheduling and posting of advertisements. Promotions and seasonal businesses will require attention to get the best return on ad spend.


Ad Management and Engagement

Our experience content writers or on hand to manage your business profile and provide the best engagement and support to your customers. 


Reporting on Campaign Efficacy

Any successful campaign relies on constant analysis, reporting, testing, and optimizing of content to get the best results from each advertising campaign.

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