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Reach thousands of new customers and break into new markets


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Tap into the most lucrative and ‘ready-to-buy’ markets


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Grow your brand image, loyalty, reputation and authority


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Facebook Ads allows you get in front of your customer instantly.

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Why your business needs to advertise on Facebook

From humble beginnings, Facebook has grown into something a lot more than just the world’s biggest social media platform. Around the globe, millions of people use it to get their daily news, play games, connect with strangers around shared interests – and most importantly, discover and connect with new brands and businesses.

For brands, the biggest challenge of advertising on Facebook is making sure your campaign is seen by the right people – i.e. the Facebook users who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer and convert into paying customers.

Because Facebook advertising allows you to hone in on such detailed demographic info – everything from age, gender and geographic location, to level of education, personal interests and even relationship status – it’s the ideal platform for laser-targeted marketing campaigns. However, you need to know what you’re doing – and that’s where Ruby Digital can help!

Done right, Facebook advertising can help your company:

  • Improve your website’s SEO rankings. (Search engines rely on ‘social signals’ as part of their ranking algorithm.)
  • Increase customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Gain a massive edge over your competitors, even if they are larger and more established
  • Reach mobile users on the go wherever they are

The Ruby Digital difference:

Aside from all the above benefits, Facebook advertising also makes it easy to control your ad spend, and gain incredible insights through their detailed analytics. Our expert team analyses and utilizes this data to make continuous improvements and adjustments to achieve sustained growth for our clients.

We have experience working across dozens of different industries, and with companies of all sizes – and we bring all our collective knowledge and experience to the table to create advertising campaigns that we’re genuinely proud of.


Competitor Research

The first step of strategy development phase is to understand the market. This means doing competitor and market research to see the strengths and weaknesses, and also to get a feel of how people react on Facebook.


Identify Brand Tone and Identity

The next step is to identify and understand your brand’s tone. We have a comprehensive questionnaire which will guide us on how to effectively communicate with your audience.


Research Customer Audience

Attracting the right customers will take a fair amount of research and analysis. Our team will look undertake to define a quality target audience that will grow your brand and sales revenue.


Ad Strategy Development

Ad Strategy development will combine keyword research, competitor analysis, brand tone, and target audience information to create a powerful strategy to grow your brand on Facebook and engage with customers.


Ad Design and Content Creation

As per the Ad Strategy, Ruby Digital will create and design effective ads to capture and attract customers. This will involve graphic design, video editing, and ad copy to get the best possible return on advertising spend.


Calendar and Posting Schedule

Ruby Digital will then offer a content calendar and posting schedule which meets your budget and is effective in generating leads for your business!

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Bon Hotels

“Ruby Digital has been a key asset to the growth of our company. They have a wealth of knowledge in the digital space and have shown constant innovation focused on achieving our business objectives."

Natasha Bester
Group Marketing Manager
BON Hotels

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“We have seen vast improvements with our Organic growth of the website.”


Maranda Dam
Fancy Inc

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