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Google and other search engines rank well-linked websites higher in results 


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What is link building and why does it matter?

Imagine you’re Google. You’ve got two websites which answer a particular user’s search query. Each has similar amounts of content, established around the same time, and with similar keywords throughout. How do you decide which website gets the top spot?

The answer lies in each website’s backlinking profile: how many reputable websites have related, relevant content that contains a link back to each website. The one that has the larger number of high quality links pointing to it ranks higher – and therefore gets more traffic, and more sales.

Each link to your website from a high traffic volume, reputable website or domain is like a vote of confidence for your brand.

Why choose Ruby Digital for your link building strategy? 

Not all links are created equal. In the past, many websites tried to cut corners and outsmart search engines. This generally involved getting hundreds or even thousands of links from anywhere they could – whether they were relevant to their website or not.

As search engines have continuously improved and refined their algorithms to give their users better results, this ‘black hat’ SEO tactic started to backfire in a big way.

Links that are spammy, unnatural, and irrelevant hurt your website’s performance in SERPs – and they’re very difficult to get rid of! 

At Ruby Digital, we do link building the right way. We first create high quality content related to your product or service. Then, we reach out to the top websites and influencers relevant to your offering to get that content published. By building links in a natural, organic manner, we’re able to get impressive, lasting results for our clients. 



We take a close look at your goals, which of your pages are doing well, what you’re ranking for, and where there’s room for improvement. We’re upfront with our clients about which of their desired terms are going to be harder to build links for, and where they can expect faster results.


Competitor Analysis

Beating the competition starts with knowing your enemy! By analyzing what links your competitors have, we can craft a strategy to outperform them. 


Keyword and Industry Research

We look at what questions your ideal customers are asking, so we can build great content and blog posts that answer them. We examine which high search volume keywords can best be used for your link building strategy.


Content Creation and Outreach

Armed with all this knowledge, we start creating engaging content that the top websites in your industry will be thrilled to publish! Our expert outreach team builds relationships with the biggest influencers and top ranking websites in your niche.


Link Building

Aside from getting content and blog comments which link back to your target pages published, we use several tried and tested ‘white hat’ link building strategies to grow your link profile. These include guest blogging, content marketing, and clever use of anchor text to promote your web page.



We are continuously analyzing and finding ways to improve on our results. We make sure our clients understand the process, and welcome input and ideas!

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