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Increase traffic

Use our real estate SEO services to drive more traffic to your website. Implementing a good SEO strategy is a simple way to achieve long-term results.


Improve rankings

You should always aim to be the top result in search queries with keywords relevant to the real estate industry, which is exactly what we can help you with.


Cut marketing costs

As a property real estate SEO agency, we always recommend search engine optimization to our clients because it not only works but is a very cost-effective form of marketing.


What is real estate SEO?

Most people who want to buy or sell property start their search online. In order to increase the likelihood of people using your website to make real estate deals, you will need to have a good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in place.

SEO is a practice that can improve your site’s online visibility and boost your rankings on search engines. Ruby Digital is a property and real estate marketing agency that knows how to help your business get noticed online.

Whenever people look for something online, they usually only pay attention to the top results of their search. By creating a solid real estate digital marketing plan for your business, we can help you become one of the top results for certain keywords. When you improve your SEO rankings, you’ll start gaining more traffic.

The benefits of our real estate SEO services

Many business owners think that they can do SEO by themselves without the help of a professional marketing agency. While you can definitely do some things to boost your rankings yourself, our SEO experts are experienced in providing outstanding results within only a few months. Here are some of the main benefits of using our real estate digital marketing services:

Increased local traffic

When you’re in the real estate business, you mostly depend on local traffic for success. We’re a real estate digital marketing agency that can help you get more noticed in your area. We use special strategies for improving the local SEO rankings of our clients.

Brand awareness

Since we’ll aim to make your website appear among the top results for certain real estate keywords, this means that you’ll not only get more traffic but build brand awareness as well. If users can easily find you online that will do wonders for the popularity of your brand.

Long-term strategy

The best thing about search engine optimization is that it’s a long-term strategy for success. Once we finish optimizing your existing content and posting new articles, it will drive traffic to your website for years to come.

There are also other benefits of using the services of a property real estate SEO agency, such as being able to focus on your business goals while someone else handles the search engine optimization.

What makes Ruby Digital the best real estate SEO company in South Africa?

As a property and real estate digital marketing agency, our top priority is to help you achieve long-term results. We want you to become an authority in the real estate industry, and we can easily develop a plan to help you achieve that. We will do more than just boost your search engine rankings. Our SEO process includes providing your website with quality backlinks, increasing the speed of your website, and optimizing your content.

Ruby Digital has SEO experts in Johannesburg and Cape Town that have a lot of experience with the real estate industry. We’ve been collaborating with clients in real estate for several years, which is why we offer a specialized service to anyone in this industry.

Our experience and deep understanding of real estate is what sets us apart from other real estate digital marketing services. We are there to provide guidance and professional help to our clients every step of the way. Aside from boosting your SEO rankings, we’ll constantly track and monitor your results.

The real estate SEO services we provide

Ruby Digital is a real estate marketing company with years of experience in this industry. Our years of experience have led us to develop an SEO strategy that can help any real estate business grow online. Here’s what our real estate SEO services include:


Website audit

Our first step is always to perform an audit of your website and analyze your current SEO plan. We’ll determine both the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy and come up with ways to make your SEO plan more effective.


Keyword research

The second step of our tried and tested SEO strategy is to perform keyword research. One of the leading SEO experts at Ruby Digital will perform detailed keyword research for your business, as well as your competitors. Knowing the keywords your competition wants to rank for will help you beat them to the chase.



Once we’ve completed the keyword research phase of our SEO plan, our specialists will start optimizing the content on your website. As a professional real estate SEO company, we’ll also improve the speed of your website and optimize it for mobile devices.


Creating new content

Apart from optimizing your existing content, our SEO experts will also craft targeted articles that will drive more traffic to your website and boost your local search engine rankings.


Building backlinks

We’re a property real estate marketing agency that helps our clients get quality backlinks from websites in the real estate industry, which can have an incredibly positive impact on your search engine rankings.

Working with us is very easy. All that you need to do is send us your website and contact information. Our SEO experts in Cape Town and Johannesburg will then do an audit of your website and come up with a plan on how to boost your rankings on search engines.

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