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Grow brand engagement and attract new customers through Instagram ads

Targeted, enticing, and effective marketing for innovative brands


Unbeatable engagement

Instagram audiences engage with paid content 10 x more than similar platforms


Awesome exposure

Descriptive hashtags get your content noticed and shared for free by interested audiences


Drive website traffic

Instagram paid ads can link directly to your website, sending high quality traffic your way


Seamless eCommerce integration

Make use of carousel and collection ads to beautifully showcase your products


What makes Instagram business advertising special

Instagram boasts over 1 billion active users, of which about 500 million log in and use the platform every single day. That’s a huge amount of loyal activity, and a testament to its user-friendliness. It’s one of the most popular mobile apps in the world, and continues to see enormous growth every year. 

It has a host of benefits for advertisers and digital marketers too. One of the biggest is that Instagram ads don’t really look like ads. This is one of the main reasons they perform so well – they’re unobtrusive, and they encourage users to interact and engage naturally.

Instagram is the perfect place for ecommerce businesses and online stores to promote their products, thanks to the highly visual nature of the platform. And for other companies, Instagram’s robust targeting features, courtesy of parent company Facebook, are extremely effective. 

In fact, 90% of the world’s top brands use Instagram as a major component in their marketing strategy. Why? Because it works! Ruby Digital is an innovative Instagram ad agency in South Africa with branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

How do Instagram ads work?

Brands have a total of eight different Instagram ad formats to choose from, meaning they can choose the style that best aligns with their marketing goals and content.

Instagram Stories

Great for highly creative campaigns, Instagram Story ads are full-screen ads which appear between normal Stories. Users can swipe up to find out more, and these ads can feature all the fun add-ons of user Stories, like filters, text and video effects.

Instagram Photo ads

If your brand is strong on visual content, then photo ads have massive conversion potential. These are a great option if you have compelling product images or attention-grabbing branding.

Instagram Video ads

If show-and-tell works best for your products or a static image isn’t sufficient to explain your service, consider Instagram video ads. Though short ads tend to perform best, videos can be up to a minute long.

Instagram Carousel ads

These take the form of a slideshow your audience can scroll through. Perfect for showcasing a range of products, or walking potential customers through your services. 

Instagram Collection ads

Similar to carousel ads, collection ads are great for presenting related items, with one big twist – users can click/tap to purchase the item right from the advert. 

Explore ads

Instagram members use their Explore page to discover accounts and brands they don’t follow yet. The content they see here is based on their likes and interests, so this is the perfect place to position your photo and video ads.

IGTV ads

A new addition to the Instagram marketing mix, IGTV is a video platform designed specifically for mobile users. This means it features a vertical format, designed to make viewing full screen videos from the palm of your hand simple and seamless. This provides an exciting opportunity for advertisers, especially early adopters. 

Instagram Shopping ads

Finally, shopping ads act like a built-in ecommerce platform. If someone taps your ad, they’ll be taken to a description page, and finally to your mobile website to complete the sale. 

In addition, Instagram ads can be run on a CPM (Cost Per Mille / per 1,000 impressions) or an a PPC basis. Between deciding on the right ad formats, audience targeting and budgeting options, it’s easy to see why the services of an Instagram advertising company can come in so useful! Ruby Digital offers Instagram marketing in Johannesburg, Cape Town and across South Africa.

What our Instagram ad agency can do for you

Through Instagram advertising, Ruby Digital can help you grow your website traffic, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and ultimately grow your revenue. We’ll help you put together a winning Instagram strategy, based on thorough audience research and solid data, which gets you the maximum return on your budget.

Instagram ads management

As with other social media platforms, advertising and interreacting with your fans on Instagram can be fun and rewarding – but you need to keep a beady eyeball on the stats too. That’s where we excel, and that’s what will get you ahead of your competitors who are just guessing at the right approach. Ruby Digital is an innovative Instagram ad agency in Cape Town and Johannesburg, with an international footprint. Whether you run a small local shop or want to promote your products all over the globe, we’ll help you succeed.

Instagram business advertising – targeting options

Ensuring the best possible ROI for our clients means getting your brand in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right moment. Some of the targeting features we make use of include:

Demographics like gender, occupation, age, languages spoken, marital and parental status

Location: narrow down your campaign to regional, country, city or local level

Interests like hobbies, types of accounts they follow, passions, activities and leisure pursuits

Behaviours: what kind of products they purchase online, how they prefer to interact with brands, etc

Custom and Lookalike audiences: Instagram also offers the option to target customers you already interact with, or market at prospects with similar demographics and interests to your current followers.

Our Instagram marketing process includes:


Audience identification and discovery

We get familiar with your goals as a business, who your ideal customers are, and which of Instagram’s powerful targeting features will best suit your campaign.



Using audience and competitor research, we craft a tailored Instagram ads strategy to meet your objectives.


Ad development

We work with your creative team to find the most compelling content to drive your campaign.


Analytics and monitoring

We watch the performance of your Instagram ads extremely closely to spot emerging trends. This allows us to react quickly if something isn’t working, and ramp up the ads which are performing best.


Testing and optimisation

We’re not happy with campaigns that get ‘okay’ results. We keep trying new approaches, testing different ad formats, audience targeting and budget allocations.


Reporting and continuous improvement

Transparency is very important to us, so we keep our clients in the loop at all times. We welcome your feedback and insights, and use what we learn along the way to continuously improve your ROI.

If you want a more engaged audience, more high-quality traffic to your website, and to expand your digital empire, than Instagram marketing is the way to go! We offer Instagram marketing in South Africa and across the globe. Get in touch, and let’s make it happen!

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