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What is SEO?

Okay – so what does this mean for my business?

Is SEO really that important?

7 reasons why you need to invest in SEO:

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Your customers rely on search engines
While it’s true that a significant amount of website traffic comes from sources like social media, the overwhelming majority comes from search engines. As a consumer yourself, it’s easy to understand this – when you have a question, you type it into a search engine. So do your customers.

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SEO Increases Website Traffic
Ruby Digital’s SEO will substantially improve the number of high-quality visits to your website. This not only gives you a better chance of making a sale, it’s also an opportunity to collect an email address for your mailing list, or simply create familiarity with your brand.

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SEO Generates More Sales
Our copywriters are on hand to optimize any content received, as well as, produce content for your website or blog.

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Sustainable Results
Ruby Digital offers a high quality website security and maintenance plan with every website build. These include automatic updates, content updates, CSS changes, and a host of additional website tasks.

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SEO outperforms paid advertising
Your competitors might have a bigger budget to throw at paid ads, but buying customers is never sustainable in the long run. Never mind the fact that once someone lands on a website by clicking on an ad, there’s no guarantee they’ll actually turn into a customer. That’s money down the digital drain.

Attracting unpaid, organic traffic by virtue of having a well-optimized website is a genuine investment – because it continues to pay off in the long run.

What are some of the most common SEO mistakes you see?

Why Ruby Digital?

Positive Return On SEO Investment

Integrity and Results-Driven

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What does an SEO company do?

Understanding SEO and the buying cycle

SEO is not a magic bullet, and there are no shortcuts

Considering your specific goals

What our professional SEO services include:

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Keyword Research
Ever wondered how many times your customers are searching for your product and service every month? With our specialized SEO software we are able to access this data for you and work out which keywords you should be ranking for.

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On-Page Optimisation
We offer various functionality for websites including form submissions, chatbots, shopping service, blog page, social links, embedded video, and tracking tools.

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Competitor Analysis
Understanding where you are in relation to your competitors and what search engine optimization strategies they are employing helps us put together a formula which is unique and more effective.

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Through our web analytics reporting systems we are able to track every visitor that comes to your website, where they came from and what they did so that we can determine exactly how many visitors turned into customers.

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The Ruby Digital Secret Sauce!
There are some things we just can’t share with you about our company’s SEO services. This way we are able to ensure you that your SEO campaign gives you an advantage over your competitors. If you want to deal with the best SEO South Africa has to offer, contact us!