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According to statistics from 2020, there are currently almost half a billion eSports fans worldwide. Most brands have yet to realise the full potential of the competitive video gaming market. You can stay one step ahead of your competition by partnering with an eSports digital marketing agency like Ruby Digital.

Tap into a large and growing international audience to increase brand awareness

Maximise your profits by strategically choosing local audiences you’ll show your ads to

Reach a completely new target group to increase your sales


Our eSport services include


Before we started to provide various services to our clients in South Africa and beyond, Ruby Digital was solely an SEO agency. This is something we know best. We have some of the best eSports SEO experts in the country working for us to ensure that we can help our clients grow organic website traffic. We can help you reach both local and global audiences.


You can use pay-per-click (PPC) ads to drive highly relevant traffic to your website. Our eSports digital marketing experts can help you create the perfect ads that will encourage people to visit your website. If you get our full eSports digital marketing package, our web developers and designers will ensure that a percentage of PPC visitors get converted into customers.

Web Development

One of the things we specialise in is website development. We have a dedicated team of professional developers that focus on eSports web development. Regardless of whether you’re located in SA or the United States, we can create a website that’ll help you reach your target audience.

Link Building

Link building is an important part of digital marketing that can provide you with tremendous results if done properly. Before we start rolling out our link building strategy, our experts will first do a thorough analysis on your existing link profile and identify potential harmful links that may be negatively affecting your search engine rankings.

Content Marketing

You can gain a massive following online if eSports fans notice that you have in-depth knowledge about competitive video gaming. Our eSports content marketing services include the creation and distribution of unique content related to this industry. Hiring Ruby Digital is an easy way to grab the attention of eSports fans in the US, Europe, Canada, South Africa, and other regions.

There are additional eSports digital marketing services that we offer our clients. Contact us if you’re interested in learning how we can help you achieve your business goals.

eSport platforms we specialize in


Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer video game created by Blizzard Entertainment. It currently has millions of players across the globe. The popularity of Overwatch will likely continue to grow as a sequel should be released shortly. As an eSports digital marketing company, we specialise in capturing the attention of Overwatch fans through our marketing strategies.


According to the latest statistics from November 2020, an estimated 11 million people play DOTA 2. Meanwhile, there are many more millions of viewers that like to watch DOTA 2 matches. That’s why it represents a great platform for advertising and marketing to either a local or international audience, which we understand how to utilise to the fullest extent.

Counter Strike GO

Players are quick to forget about popular video games when something new comes out. That hasn’t happened to Counter Strike GO, released in 2012, which is gradually becoming more popular each year. Statistics from 2020 note that this game’s audience is currently stronger than ever. Ruby Digital can help you reach that global audience through our renowned eSports digital marketing services.

League of Legends

More than 115 million people play League of Legends. There are also millions of fans who tune in to professional matches. That’s millions of potential customers that you could reach through careful digital marketing practices. Our team of professional eSports marketers know how to develop strategies that grab the attention of League of Legends fans and convert them into leads.

Why you need a marketing agency

Competitive video gaming is still an industry that most brands don’t have any familiarity with. But that’s exactly what makes it the perfect market for businesses. Imagine a market with nearly half a billion potential customers that a lot of brands neglect – that’s eSports.

We noticed the potential of the eSports industry a long time ago and have since worked hard to train our digital marketing experts to promote brands through it both locally and internationally. Here’s what we have to offer our clients through our eSports digital marketing services:

Target a young audience – The eSports digital marketing services that Ruby Digital offers represent a great way to target a young audience that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

Gain a global reach – While the majority of eSports fans are young, they come from incredibly diverse backgrounds. Through our eSports marketing services, you can easily gain a global reach and make your brand recognized across the world.

Increase your sales – This may be one of the best industries for marketing and advertising because it has a highly engaged audience. If you start advertising your business through eSports with the help of Ruby Digital, the fans will notice your brand and likely check you out.

Unlimited advertising opportunities – Once we use our eSports digital marketing services to propel your brand to new heights and make you known in this industry, you’ll have unlimited advertising opportunities. Your brand can be as creative as you want to advertise your products or services traditionally, sponsoring a team or events, and even promoting your business in-game.

Run highly customisable campaigns – One of the main benefits of marketing in eSports is that you can get detailed analytics on audiences for different games, streaming channels, and events. At Ruby Digital, we know how to use this information to get the best results from our marketing strategies.

Look no further than Ruby Digital

Unless you have outstanding marketing, web design, and web development skills in this industry, you’re going to need the help of an eSports digital marketing company. Ruby Digital has helped websites and brands across SA, US, Canada, UK, and other countries reach their goals.

Although our professionals have a lot of knowledge, creativity, and expertise, we heavily involve our clients in everything we do. We believe that open communication is paramount in order to achieve the best results.

Due to the impressive qualifications of our employees, we proudly offer more eSports digital marketing services than most marketing agencies across the globe. We’re happy to create a complex custom marketing and development strategy for each client that reaches out and signs a contract with us.

Ready to take your business to the next level?


Ruby Digital is a leading eSports digital marketing agency that can help take your business to the next level. Regardless of whether you’re looking to increase your social media following, boost organic traffic, grow your sales, or create an amazing eSports website, we’re here to help!

Simply let us know a bit about your brand and we’ll create a unique eSports digital marketing strategy that’ll elevate your business and help you tap into a relatively new and growing industry.

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The team at Ruby Digital have been extremely professional and responsive. They have provided us with online advertising and SEO services. Throughout the changes we faced with COVID19, Ruby Digital have remained accommodating, efficient and professional. I highly recommend their services.


I have enjoyed working with Ruby Digital over the years – any issues are quickly discussed and resolved within the time frame needed. Monthly reports are well detailed.

Thanda Group

The RD team has been phenomenal. They take feedback very seriously and have the rare quality of actioning it in a way that surpasses expectations.




Will you recommend other digital marketing agencies if we’re not a good match?

The main reason why we’re able to maintain our quality and standards is because we carefully choose who we take on as clients. If we come to an agreement that we wouldn’t be a good fit for your project, we’ll gladly refer you to better matches. Ruby Digital has close relations with strategic partners across South Africa, as well as internationally.

Do you work with other agencies?

What we learned from experience is that it’s best for both parties if we work directly with you. Open communication is important for us because it helps us understand your eSports project. Once our team of digital marketing specialists learns more about your business, they’ll be able to create a better campaign for you.

In case you feel like you need additional help with your eSports platform, we’ll be happy to work alongside other agencies and teams. However, we don’t work with white label services. Ruby Digital partners directly with each client.

What locations do you service? Do you work with client’s in other countries?

Ruby Digital is an eSports digital marketing company based in South Africa, but we offer our services to international clients as well. Over the years, we’ve helped clients in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and other English speaking countries. We don’t do foreign language campaigns.

Why use Ruby when I can hire in-house?

If you let someone at your company handle whole digital marketing strategies, you’ll limit your chances of success. As an eSports digital marketing agency, we know the amount of work that goes into a good strategy. That’s why we have a team of multi-award winning digital marketing specialists under one roof. Together, they use their knowledge and expertise to create a unique marketing strategy that involves multiple practices, from SEO to social media marketing, for each of our clients.

What eSports businesses does Ruby Digital work with?

We’re an eSports digital marketing company that partners with clients who are interested in long term partnership. When we take on new clients, our main goal is to ensure their business grows. That’s why sufficient size and the capability to scale is what we look for in our clients. The eSports platforms we currently provide our services for include:

  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike: GO
  • Overwatch
  • Dota 2

Although our main aim is to build long and fruitful partnerships, we also do some short term contracts, mostly for web design and development. However, if you’re interested in taking your eSports business to the next level, it’s best to build a long term partnership with Ruby.


What kind of reports will I receive?

Apart from the progress updates that you’ll receive on a monthly basis during our strategy meetings, you can also ask your dedicated account manager to provide you with weekly reports. Clients who are interested in observing their progress more often can receive access to our reporting software, which they can use at any time.

What success metrics / performance measures do you use?

Our mission is not to just give your eSports platform a boost, but to take it to a whole new level. That’s why return on investment (ROI) is the most important measure to us. With our services, you will get much more out of eSports digital marketing campaigns than what you put in.

The specific performance measures we use depends on your business needs and goals. For our eSports clients, some of the most important metrics include click through rates (CTR), customer’s lifetime value (LTV), and more.

Do you conduct competitor analysis / collect benchmark data?

In eSports, just like in every other industry, it’s very important to stay up to date on how your competitors are doing. Ruby Digital uses leading tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Moz to develop a better understanding of your competition and come up with ways to outperform them.

How often will I receive updates from your team?

We let our clients decide how much they want to be involved in the process. From our experience, we’ve learned that it’s best to hold at least one progress meeting per month. However, you can reach out to us any time you like to receive the latest updates.

Who will be working on my account?

You can count on the account manager you get paired with to be your main, day-to-day point of contact. One of the specialists at our eSports digital marketing agency will work with you and your account manager on the creation and execution of your overall strategy.

Preparation and First Meeting!

Prior to our first strategy meeting, a few of our specialists will do online research on your eSports business to get an idea of how we could help you. The experts at Ruby Digital will analyse your past marketing efforts, competitors, online presence, and authority.

The insights that we gather during the preparation period will allow us to determine the best ways to move forward. We will be happy to answer any questions you have throughout the meeting. The strategy we develop and present to you will be completely unique and based on your long-term goals.

What does your new client onboarding process consist of?

At Ruby Digital, we always welcome new clients with open hands and provide them with a smooth onboarding process. Communication is very important to us, as it will play a huge role in how we bring your vision to life. We’ll start by learning more about your business, as well as your short- and long-term goals.

We want to see your eSports platform succeed, which is why we’ll start working on a Scope of Works and accounting contract as soon as you accept our quote. We will then pair you with an account manager during this meeting, who’ll be there to answer any questions and provide you with campaign updates for the duration of the contract.


How quickly will I start seeing results after working with Ruby Digital?

There are a few different factors that will determine when you’ll start seeing results. Some of these factors include the industry you’re in, the competition you face, your goals, and the services you need. If you’re interested in our PPC or social media ads, you’ll begin seeing results after 3 months. On the other hand, it takes 6-7 months to see results of an SEO strategy.

How long do I need to commit to working with RD?

Many of our clients work closely with us for years, but we usually start with 12-month contracts. After this time period is over, you’ll see impressive results. The reason why it takes a year to see results is because we take the time to truly understand your business and industry while also building a relationship with you to ensure we can bring your vision to life.

You can also choose to hire us for one-off projects, which we mostly offer to clients interested in our web development and design services.

What should my digital marketing budget be?

Your budget depends on what you want to accomplish with an eSports digital marketing strategy. When you get in touch with us and share basic information about your business and your goals, we’ll be able to provide a forecast. We have a flexible minimum starting budget, but you should know that the more you spend the bigger your results will be.

BILLING & contract terms

What payment methods are available?

Clients can pay for our services via EFT or bank transfer. We also accept SWIFT and PayPal transfers. Ruby Digital provides the option of setting up a direct debit facility so that our clients can conveniently make payments. This is something that we recommend to all of our clients.

Are there any additional or hidden costs for a digital marketing project?

There are no hidden costs when you sign a contract with Ruby Digital, but additional hours of work for services like graphic design and web development may be charged depending on your instructions. We’ll always be upfront about how much these services will cost you.

What if I want to cancel services?

We always set up 12-month contracts with our clients because that timeframe allows us to provide outstanding results and help turn your eSports business into a success. If you decide to cancel a contract prior to the end date, you’ll have to pay a cancellation fee. In case you’d like to continue working with Ruby after 12 months are up, we can continue collaborating on a month-to-month basis.

Recurring Service SOWs

Upfront commitment is very important to us, which is why we expect each client to make payments on time. We send invoices 7 days prior to a service month and require our clients to make payments before or on the 1st of each month. We will put our services on hold if there is a delay in the payment. Note that if this happens, your campaign may lose momentum.

Ruby Digital facilitates the billing between clients and 3rd party platforms directly when they’re required in a campaign. Third party platforms include social media advertising channels or Google Ads.

Project SOWs

Let’s say that you want us to create an eSports website for your brand or completely redesign your existing site. In this case, we’d be able to create a project SOW contract priced at a fixed rate. This is only possible if you require just our web development and design services. We’ll require a 50% deposit before we start working on the project, and the remainder when the website is ready to go live.

What are your contract terms?

All of our terms will be discussed with you once you reach out to use. All of our services include client consultation and start meetings during which we’ll discuss contract, fee, and payment terms. Ruby Digital reserves the right to charge urgency fees to ensure work is delivered on tight deadlines.

When it comes to the Scope of Work (SOW) agreements we make with eSports platforms, they can be either project-based or recurring.

What does your invoicing process look like?

We require our clients to make the first payment 30 days in advance of the go live date. Once we agree on a payment schedule at our first meeting, you will have to follow it. Any missed payment will result in our services being paused.

What is your pricing model / how do you charge?

Project based work like web development and design is priced based on the technical requirements. Most of the other eSports digital marketing services that we provide have a standardised rate. If you’d like to know how much we’d charge you, you can contact us to receive a free proposal.

In case you’re interested in a service like web development or website design, we can create a one-off contract at a custom price. Clients who’re not sure which services they should use can consult with our team of specialists to learn more about how they can boost their online presence and increase revenue.

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