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Grow your Monthly Recurring Revenue with customised SaaS SEO strategies

We’ll connect your SaaS business with the customers looking for a solution like yours right now


Boost website traffic and grow leads

We tailor a unique SaaS SEO strategy for your brand, to ensure you’re attracting your ideal potential customers


Increase Conversion Rate, Free Trials and Demos

The best way to increase customer acquisition for SaaS companies is to let the quality of your product speak for itself!


Grow your Monthly Recurring Revenue

We’ll help you keep your existing subscribers happy and engaged, while continuously expanding your digital reach and online presence


Convince and convert with killer content

Make it obvious your company is the leading expert in your field, with all the answers, and watch your signups soar!


What Ruby Digital can do for your SaaS platform:

Software as a Service is a highly nuanced and rapidly changing field. As your customer’s needs and challenges shift, you need to remain agile and flexible enough not just to keep pace, but to actually anticipate and adapt to those challenges before they impact your clients.

As a leading SaaS SEO agency, we believe your digital marketing team should be just as agile! That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to boost your MRR, bring down your user acquisition costs, grow customer loyalty and engagement, and get your offering in front of the right people at the right time.

How digital marketing for SaaS differs from other industries

There are a few core differences between Software as a Service and other products which have a big impact on the best ways to market them.

Reliance on existing customers

The vast majority of a SaaS company’s revenue comes from their existing subscribers. This means customer retention is absolutely critical – even more so than customer acquisition. While many SaaS digital marketing agencies use the same playbook for SaaS clients as for other industries, Ruby Digital understands this crucial difference, and ensures a large focus is placed on keeping your current customers happy, informed, and engaged.

Speedy sales cycle

When people shop for ‘normal’ products, they like to compare different options, research, read up on reviews, and generally mull things over. Not so for SaaS companies. Generally, your target customer knows what they need, and they want it now. From an SEO perspective, this means homing in on the right terms and keywords to get your platform in front of those ready-to-trial businesses and individuals whose problems your SaaS solution solves.

Done right, SaaS sells itself!

What separates a successful SaaS platform from one that fails? It all really boils down to two key components: Does your software deliver, and is it backed by awesome customer support? If the answer to these questions is yes, then the hard work is already done. All you need is a reliable SaaS digital marketing company like Ruby Digital to make sure your future clients are finding your website and signing up for demos.

SEO for SaaS

Our SaaS SEO experts understand the need for a different approach for this industry, and indeed each individual client. The purposes of SaaS platforms differ immensely – from B2B data solutions for large corporates, to B2C platforms for professionals and individuals. What they have in common is offering a convenient, easily accessed, subscription-based service for their customers.

Our SaaS SEO strategy for your business therefore starts with getting to know all about your USP, how it makes your customers’ lives better, and what the challenges they’re trying to solve are. We then use our extensive SEO, PPC and content marketing expertise to make sure the right people are hearing about your platform at the right time.

This ranges from resolving any technical SEO issues which may be harming your website’s performance in search engine results, to helping you craft insightful blog posts and website copy to convince potential subscribers they’ve definitely come to the right place. In highly competitive SaaS niches, we can also run and manage high return on investment paid advertising campaigns to get your SaaS service to the top of the pile fast.

Ruby Digital is a South African SaaS SEO agency in Cape Town and Johannesburg with an international footprint. We’ve helped businesses around the globe and in dozens of highly competitive industries outrank their rivals, and grow their customer base and profits. Our holistic SaaS SEO strategies can do the same for you!

Digital marketing for SaaS

From email marketing campaigns to remind your existing customers you’re always there for them, to engaging social media content that reaches, informs and entertains your ideal target audience, Ruby Digital can help tailor the perfect SaaS digital marketing strategy for your service.

We find out what questions your potential subscribers are asking, and make sure they find all the answers on your website. We engage with them through the channels they prefer most, so they associate your brand with trustworthiness and ease of use. We also generate great off-site content which points back to your service, generating high quality backlinks to your platform which helps to elevate your position in SERPs.

No-one understands your customers better than you, which is why we work closely with our SaaS clients to ensure we perfectly understand your goals, and the metrics which matter most to you. Ruby Digital is an innovative SaaS digital marketing agency with branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and across South Africa.

Why choose Ruby Digital as your SaaS digital marketing agency?

Firstly, we firmly believe that every client and business we work with deserves a completely customised marketing approach. No two SaaS companies are the same – so why should their SEO strategy be? You won’t find copy-and-paste style digital marketing tactics here!

We’re happy to work closely with you to ensure we get your brand image and voice spot on; or handle the whole process for you – the choice is yours. We’ve worked with technology brands from all around the world, and garnered expertise in an extensive selection of digital marketing strategies for SaaS platforms.

If you want to grow your leads, boost your website traffic, strengthen customer loyalty and steadily grow your monthly recurring revenue, then get in touch with Ruby Digital now. We offer SaaS SEO services in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and across South Africa.

The Ruby Digital SaaS digital marketing strategy

Our full-service digital marketing for SaaS companies includes:


Search Engine Optimisation

We conduct in-depth keyword research, competitor analysis and technical auditing to ensure search engines are ranking your SaaS offering where it belongs.


Content Marketing

Both on- and off-site, we make sure your brand is backed by great quality content that convinces and converts.


E-Mail Marketing

Customer retention is massively important for SaaS businesses, so we dedicate a good portion of our efforts to keeping in touch with your subscribers and leads.


Paid Ads / PPC

Need results fast? Our pay per click experts will craft top performing ads which deliver an unbeatable ROI.


Conversion rate Optimization

Unlock your website’s full potential for quick wins, cost-effective growth, and ultimately more subscribers.


Link Building

Help your SaaS offering stand out to potential customers and search engines alike with best practice link building techniques.


Social Media Management

Ruby Digital can help you manage and advertise on the social networks your target market loves – including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.


Web Design and Development

If your site needs a fresh new look or a complete overhaul, our inhouse web design and development team have you covered!



While most consumers pick a SaaS platform very quickly, some B2B clients may want to compare their options first. In these cases, we can use strategic retargeting campaigns to keep your offering top of mind, and convince them yours is the solution they need.


Continuous tracking, testing, and tweaking

SaaS companies have to be on their toes all the time, ready to expand, improve, and adapt their service whenever the chance presents itself. We do the same for our SaaS clients!

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