Google Advertising Management in South Africa


Rank Immediately

Google Ads offers flexibility on budgets and allows businesses to rank immediately for bid key terms.


Define Targeting and Demographics

Explore a host of targeting options including devices, locations, and various other demographics.


Constant Access To Data

Google Ads campaigns are constantly updated to provide accurate information on the performance of the campaign.


Only Pay For Traffic

This great marketing tool allows users to only pay when people click on their ads. Providing an effective marketing solution.

Google and PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads

Ruby Digital’s experienced team of digital marketing experts bring all our know-how to the table in creating cost-effective Google Ads campaigns that deliver fast results, boost brand awareness and maximize your return on investment.

What are Google Ads?

While best practice SEO and content marketing techniques will grow your organic traffic and help you climb search engine results pages (SERPs) steadily over time, Google Ads essentially provides a shortcut to the top by allowing you to bid on certain keywords or phrases. When a user clicks on one of your ads, you get charged accordingly.     

Sounds simple, right?

Unfortunately, no. Because the top spots in Google search results are so sought-after, pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads are a highly contested commodity. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing and have all the latest data to hand, it is easy to waste a small fortune on clicks that aren’t actually going to convert into customers, sales, or subscribers. That’s where Ruby Digital comes in. As an official Google Partner, we use all the latest tools, insights and analytics to make sure your Google Ads campaigns focus on the keywords that are best going to grow your business and revenue.      

Our unique Google Ads strategy includes:

  • Working with you to set realistic goals and create tailor-made campaigns that will deliver the best possible results
  • In-depth keyword discovery, audience demographic and competitor analysis
  • Expert strategy planning
  • Creation and optimization of ads and smart bids
  • Ongoing monitoring, campaign tracking and real time testing
  • Discovery of new and highly lucrative market opportunities
  • Regular reporting, ROI measurements and advanced campaign consulting
  • Continuous real-time testing, tweaking and improvements to boost campaign performance

So how much will all this cost me?

One of the advantages of Google Ads PPC campaigns is that advertisers can set a variety of spending controls. Some of these include daily, weekly and lifetime spend, as well as the cost you’re willing to pay per click on your different targeted keywords or phrases. By carefully analyzing which of your keywords are likely to perform best and adjusting quickly to changes in the market, Ruby Digital is able to offer your company the best results possible while remaining firmly within your budget.

Why partner with us?

At Ruby Digital, we know that getting the most favorable results comes from our ability to create custom-built campaigns for each of our clients. No two businesses are the same, and because the PPC market evolves and shifts so rapidly, constant attention, analysis and improvement is needed to make sure our valued customers are getting unsurpassed performance and ROI. That’s what we pride ourselves on, and that’s why we hope you’ll get in touch with us to discuss your goals today!


Account Setup and Technical Audit

Ruby Digital will assist clients undertaking Google Ads for the first time, while also providing a technical audit on existing accounts to ensure everything is configured right from the get go.


Keyword Research and Targeting

It’s important that keyword research is performed to understand exactly how to get customers to your site and purchasing your products. A large part of the keyword research comes from understanding your target market and buyer persona’s.


Competitor Analysis

Understanding where you are in relation to your competitors and what Google Ads strategies they are employing helps us put together a formula which is based on industry strengths and is more effective.


Ad Creation and Ad Groups

Our team will write the best copy for your ad using Google best practices. We write eye-catching ads that entice your customer to visit your site and make a purchase. Ads are created specific to ad groups in order to get the best value for spend.


Bid Optimization and Adjustment

A large portion of our monthly management tasks involve bid monitoring and adjustments. Ruby Digital will modify ad campaigns to have the correct budget allocation on the best performing campaigns.


Conversion Tracking and Reporting

 Ruby Digital will provide consultancy on the various conversions to be tracked and align this to your objectives. Monthly analysis and reports are provided on the past performances, as well as, action points to be implemented going forward!

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