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What is Pay Per Click?

Why do I need Pay Per Click Marketing?

8 powerful ways PPC services can help your brand:

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What does your PPC marketing service include?

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Market Research
Utilizing our specialist research applications allows us to deep dive into your customers search behaviours and interests. Knowing this allows us to establish what price we should be paying and what is going to drive the best value for the campaign.

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Campaign Setup
Ensuring your campaign is structured correctly will make all the difference. A well-structured account will lower your cost per click, provide more clarity around what is working (and what isn’t) and also make the campaign scalable and efficient.

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Bid Optimizations
We believe that a campaign is pointless unless you can track everything. This is why we only use the latest and best technology and code to track visitors’ behaviour and actions. We even can do call tracking – allowing us to establish which phone calls came from which campaign! This is a first for a PPC agency in South Africa.

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Pay Per Click Strategy
There are many digital marketing platforms that utilize the Pay Per Click model. These include the likes of Facebook, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Google Display Network, Instagram and Twitter – all with different data points to market to your customer. Based on an in-depth understanding of your target market, Ruby Digital will ensure that we leverage the platforms that are going to best achieve your company goals.

Ongoing testing, tweaking, and development

Paid Search vs SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

So how does paid search / PPC actually work?




Bids and Budgets


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