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Motomatch offers an easy-to-use online platform that securely collates and presents purchase offers from approved dealers to individuals looking to part with their vehicles. Their mission is to save customers valuable time while buying or selling cars by allowing the platform to do the hard work of matching buyers and sellers based on the vehicle.

328%Increase in Conversions

269%Increase in Website Taps

139%Increase in Profile Visits 

Brief & Objectives

Motomatch approached Ruby Digital to assist the brand in becoming a market leader in the online car sales (new and used) industry. In addition, their objectives were to generate subscription leads from dealerships, attract customers to the platform, as well as increase overall brand awareness and online presence

When Motomatch came to us, they were experiencing low site traffic and low SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings due to the high competition of the motor vehicle industry and needed to generate more leads from consumers using the platform and dealerships subscribing. Furthermore, they had little to no organic growth on their social media platforms

While their offering was a unique venture in the South African market, very few people were aware of the brand and its unique selling points (USP).


Given that the competitive nature of the motor vehicle industry requires a very strategic approach, we developed paid social media and organic reach campaigns that directed more resources toward value-added content.

The primary goal of our strategy was to increase conversions in order to more effectively drive dealer signups and, more importantly, customer vehicle listings. A secondary goal was to raise brand and platform awareness, as well as increase responsiveness and educate the audience on how Motomatch works. A tertiary goal would be to increase brand authority in order to convert customers (mostly returning dealers) into platform advocates through engagement and organic testimonials via comments and @mentions.

Our Solution

  • We achieved Motomatch’s objective by identifying key performance indicators for measuring Conversions and Awareness, and developing a reputable social media presence.
  • Conversions: We actively drove customers and dealers to the website by directing them to the platform link to sign up, list their vehicle, or learn more about the platform and its offerings.
  • We optimized Facebook ad campaigns for customer listings and dealer signups and tracked this growth by measuring various conversions and trackable events, with the focus being on achieving buying or selling customer’s vehicle submissions.
  • Posts were optimized for link clicks with engaging posts to encourage click throughs to the website.
  • Awareness: We continued to grow the brand and create awareness for the platform, whilst continually expanding its reach.
  • Posts were optimized and targeted for increasing reach and growing awareness by creating value-adding posts to increase shares and thereby further increase reach.
  • We continuously grew Facebook followers and likes on a monthly basis by creating value-adding posts and engaging with any questions platform users may have, thereby improving brand authority and retention.

“Since we have been with the Ruby Digital team, we have seen consistent growth in our business.
The team created an organic SEO strategy to improve our website’s rankings for vehicle-related keywords, and implemented targeted Google Ad campaigns which were constantly optimized to increase the click-through rate and conversions. On the social media side, our brand awareness and conversions have increased considerably, resulting in more dealer signups and customer vehicle listings. On average, we see about a 480% increase in conversions year on year. The team is knowledgeable, professional, patient and always willing to help. We highly recommend Ruby Digital for your digital marketing!”

Brad Jocum



Motomatch saw an increase of 328% in conversions (custom built events i.e. selling and buying submissions, and dealer registrations) compared to the previous year (October 2020).

A resource shift affected Paid Social performance in the following ways: an increase in traffic with a 149% increase in clicks as well as a great increase in CTR, an increase in dealer conversions of 150%, and an increase in awareness with a 106.25% increase in reach

Motomatch’s Facebook results compared to their results at the same time the previous year (October 2020): they saw great increases in their awareness (reach, impressions, and followers) as well as an increase of 118.1% in conversions (clicks) year on year. They were, thus, reaching more of their goals in comparison to the same time the previous year.

Their Instagram results compared to their results at the same time the previous year (October 2020): Instagram saw great increases in all its results. Most notably, Motomatch saw an increase of website taps with 269% and an increase of profile visits of 139%.

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