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Ruby Digital has the search engine optimization training that’s right for you


Search engine optimisation training for brands and businesses

Many of our SEO clients are curious about the strategies we use to grow their organic traffic, increase conversions, and ultimately grow their businesses. And it’s a curiosity we encourage, because the more you know about how SEO works and why, the easier it becomes to create content that resonates with people and search engines.

That’s why we’re happy to offer customised SEO and marketing training packages to complement our SEO services. We believe the best SEO training always involves hands-on experience, and using your own website makes the process much more engaging.

You’ll get to participate in and learn about everything from keyword research and competitor analysis, to link building and content marketing – all while watching your company’s SEO ranking climb and your traffic grow!

Whether for yourself as a business owner or for your marketing team, our search engine marketing training is a unique and richly rewarding way to learn about SEO from the experts. Ruby Digital offers SEO training in Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa, as well as online for international businesses.

DigiXP: SEO training courses for entrepreneurs and aspiring SEO professionals

Introducing DigiXP: Ruby Digital founder Justin Lester’s digital marketing academy, where you’ll find his personally crafted search engine optimization course. In it, students learn all the techniques he used to grow Ruby Digital into South Africa’s most visible SEO agency, with hundreds of quality leads coming in each and every month.

DigiXP’s SEO course is aimed at entrepreneurs trying to build up sustained traffic to their websites, as well as individuals keen on learning the art of SEO as a career. Broken down into 57 SEO classes, you’re free learn at your own pace.

Our SEO marketing course is suitable for complete beginners, as well as entrepreneurs who already have some experience with digital marketing. With a strong focus on growing organic traffic through best practices, it’s a great option for individuals who don’t want to spend a fortune on paid ads. As with our own clients, we’re interested in strategies that deliver long-lasting results.

Who DigiXP’s SEO learning courses can benefit

Digital marketers and advertising executives

Bloggers and writers

Website designers and developers

Business owners

Brand managers

Ecommerce website owners

Entrepreneurs and anyone starting a new business or side project

Anyone looking to better understand and navigate the modern online world!

Writers, content developers and social media managers in particular may find our digital marketing SEO course extremely helpful, as it gives you the background knowledge needed to create high-converting content that search engines love.

We like to think it’s the best SEO course online, and particularly helpful for the South African digital landscape. We offer SEO classes in Cape Town and Johannesburg, or head over to to find out more about taking SEO classes online.

Smart Marketing podcast on SEO

A proudly South African SEO podcast

Last but not least, we invite anyone who finds the world of digital marketing fascinating to enjoy our weekly SEO podcast, Smart Marketing. Run by our CEO Justin Lester and lead generation expert Jason Bagley, this search engine podcast is packed with useful tips, insights, and actionable advice.

And it’s one of the best SEO podcasts for those keen on hearing a local South African perspective on international marketing trends.

What we cover in our digital marketing SEO course, training, and podcast

Here’s what you can expect to learn through Ruby Digital’s coaching and search engine optimization training courses:


How search engines work

The first step in getting to grips with SEO is understanding how search engines decide which sites rank higher than others! What makes one site more trustworthy and relevant to users than another? Why are certain practices frowned upon?


SEO strategy and goal development

How to lay out a logical SEO plan, identify your weak spots, and create a structured approach for sustained growth.


Site architecture and structure

Learn how search engines crawl websites and users navigate them, and how you can make the job easier for both.


Google Analytics, Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research

Data-driven SEO campaigns always outperform hit-and-miss tactics! We teach you how to identify content gaps, understand your target audience, and outmanoeuvre the competition.


On-page SEO

Learn the dos and don’ts of optimising your website content to increase traffic and conversions, while offering a great user experience.


Off-page SEO and link building

Learn how to increase your inbound links and site authority the right way, as well as how to write for the web.


Paid advertising

While our primary focus is on growing organic traffic, we will dive into strategies like PPC which can complement your efforts when used appropriately.


Advanced strategies and reporting

 How to monitor your metrics, analyse your data, and use those insights to keep making continuous improvements.

We believe we’ve got the best SEO course in South Africa, and can’t wait to share our knowledge and expertise with other digital marketing fans. Questions? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

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