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Optimize marketing campaigns

Analyzing traffic data will show you which of your marketing campaigns is yielding good results, as well as which need improvement.


Identify your target audience

You will learn more about your target audience by using our Google Analytics consulting services.


Reduce bounce rates

After just one Google Analytics consultation with Ruby Digital, you’ll find out what you can do to reduce your bounce rates.


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics service. You can use it to track website traffic and gain insight into the behavior of your visitors. Since it’s so easy to implement Google Analytics, most website owners use this platform.

When you start using this web analytics service, you gain access to a lot of data. Although using Google Analytics is incredibly simple, figuring out how to use the data to your advantage can be quite a challenge. That’s where we come in.

Our experts provide Google Analytics management and consultation to businesses that want to increase their revenue and expand. You can count on our Google Analytics consultants to analyze all of your data in order to answer any question you may have regarding your website traffic. We also do corporate training to teach employees how to analyze Google Analytics data and use it to develop new and effective marketing strategies.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Just like Google Analytics, this is another free tool that can help you collect data. However, it is used only for storing and managing so-called tags, which are snippets of third-party code that collect information. This means that you can’t analyze your data directly on Google Tag Manager (GTM). Instead, the information is sent to Google Analytics, where you can inspect it.

In case you had trouble analyzing data on Google Analytics, it will be even more complicated for you to make use of GTM. Nevertheless, you can gain some powerful insights by using this free tool, such as seeing how many times items were removed from a shopping cart and how many clicks you had on certain links. A Google Tag Manager consultant can help you learn more about this tool and how to use it to your advantage.

As a reliable GTM agency in Cape Town, Ruby Digital will work with you to determine what type of behavior you want to track. We can also create customized reports catered to your needs!

The benefits of hiring a Google Analytics agency

A lot of business owners use Google Analytics only as an analytical tool. They check how much time the average user spends on the website and see their traffic sources. However, if you hire a Google Analytics consulting agency, you’ll learn about the true power of the data you have. Here’s how we can help you use this information to grow your business:

Data clarity

When you see all of the data provided by Google Analytics and GTM, you’ll likely be confused. As a professional GTM agency in Cape Town, we can help make sense of that information. We can also create customized reports that will make it easier for you to understand the data.

Marketing campaign optimization

When you’re testing a new marketing campaign, the most important thing you can do is analyze how it works. You can do this with the help of a Google Tag Manager consultant from Ruby Digital. It’s worth noting that analyzing information will help you improve your marketing campaigns.

Improved website usability

You can get a more in-depth understanding of our website’s usability by observing the bounce rates on certain pages. Google Analytics will help you determine how to improve your site’s usability. Note that this will also have a positive effect on your SEO rankings.

Target audience identification

Even if you think you already know who your target audience is, you will learn more details about your ideal customer by working with a Google Analytics agency.

As you can see, you can become a popular brand in your industry simply by learning more about your visitors’ behavior. Simply let us show you how to use these insights to turn those visitors into customers.

The process behind our Google Analytics consulting services

Over the years, we’ve worked with small and large companies in different industries. What we learned from this experience is that every business has its own specific needs, which is why we provide a unique service to all of our clients. Here’s how the process behind our Google Analytics consulting looks like in four simple steps:


Analyzing your target audience

The first step that we always take is finding out as much as we can about your business and your target audience. This is where we could use your help. Let us know what your ideal customer looks like, as well as what your short- and long-term business goals are.


Website audit

The second step we as a Google Analytics agency take is conducting an audit of your website. We’ll analyze if you implemented this web analytics tool accurately and do Google Tag Manager configuration.



The third step includes creating snippets of code that we’ll place in various parts of your website to track certain parameters that are vital for your business. Ruby Digital is a qualified Google Tag Manager agency in Johannesburg that can help you get the most out of this free web tool.



The fourth and final step refers to monitoring our solutions and analyzing your data. You can rely on a Google Tag Manager consultant from our company to create custom reports for you and help you see how to use the data you receive to create effective marketing strategies.

This is what our every Google Analytics consulting solution includes, but we also provide other services to companies that need them. For instance, if you don’t want to rely on us to analyze your data and send you reports, you can hire us to train your employees and show them the ropes.

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