YouTube Advertising in South Africa

Leverage the mass appeal of video to engage your target audience

Fast, cost-effective YouTube marketing for every size business


Pinpoint precision

Target only the viewers and demographics most interested in what you have to offer


Great value for money

YouTube banner ads are PPC, which means you’re only charged when someone clicks through and visits your website


Increase brand exposure and awareness for free

Even when viewers don’t interact with your ad, they’re still exposed to your brand name and offering


Real-time analytics

Engagement and audience reports allow us to fine-tune your YouTube ads’ performance


Break into new markets

Discover new opportunities your competitors haven’t


The power of YouTube advertising

Not only is YouTube the world’s second most popular website, in many ways, it’s the new TV. Unlike TV advertising, however, brands and businesses can access YouTube ads for a fraction of what they’d pay for an actual TV commercial. Better yet, you don’t need to fork out for a fancy film crew to take advantage of YouTube business ads.

With more than 3 billion searches conducted on YouTube each month, it’s obvious why having a presence on the platform is a good idea. Just like a standard search engine, YouTube members use the platform to research and compare products, and delve into the topics that interest them. If those topics, interests, or products align with what you’re selling, a well-timed ad placement has massive potential to convert.

Ruby Digital is a proudly South African YouTube ad agency located in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

YouTube ads for local business

If you’re a small local business, you probably think that advertising on YouTube is way beyond your reach. But thanks to easy integration with Google Ads and laser-precision targeting, we can easily adapt your current PPC strategy to include banner ads on YouTube!

And because these ads will only display when a prospect in your area watches a video related to your offering, you can rest assured of exceptionally high-quality traffic to your website.

Non-video YouTube ad formats suitable for local businesses include:

Image overlay ads

These appear as a small semi-transparent banner box at the bottom of YouTube videos, with an optional larger companion display ad on the right of the player. They can be simple text, or include some visual elements and branding.

Display ads

Box ads which appear across the YouTube site, but don’t appear on videos themselves. These ads are less intrusive than other formats, so they generally only attract clicks from genuinely interested viewers. In other words, while they might have a lower overall clickthrough rate, their conversion rate is typically high.

Sponsored cards

If you run ads for your products through Google Shopping, then you can choose to have expandable ads appear in videos relevant to your offering. If you run a landscaping business, for example, your sponsored card ad might appear when someone in your area and target market views a video on gardening.

Ruby Digital is ready to assist with YouTube business ads in Cape Town, Johannesburg and across South Africa.

Benefits of working with a YouTube ad agency

As with many forms of online advertising, YouTube marketing requires a firm grasp of your target audience, their behaviour, and how campaigns can be optimised to deliver the best result for your budget. This is where the experience of a knowledgeable YouTube advertising agency becomes invaluable. 

There’s a fine balance to be found between the amount you’re willing to pay for a click or impression, and the exposure you want your YouTube ads to get. You also need to pay extreme attention to detail around targeting. Bringing in heaps of low-quality traffic to your website when none of those visitors are going to convert into customers is an all-too-common mistake.

Aside from targeting, you need to make data-driven decisions about the keywords, phrases, and search intent your ideal customers will be using. Again, these need to be specific enough that you don’t attract ill suiting traffic, but generic enough that you’re still able to attract potential clients in various stages of the buying cycle.     

YouTube marketing is exceptionally powerful – but only if you get it right. That’s why partnering with an expert YouTube ads agency like Ruby Digital is always a wise choice, especially if you don’t have much experience of the digital marketing landscape.  

And while our service is geared towards text, banner, and display ads (at least for now!) we can also assist larger companies with managing and optimising their video ads and/or promotional animation ads. Big or small, we’re standing by to assist your brand with YouTube advertising in South Africa.

YouTube paid ads audience targeting features:

One of the standout features of YouTube paid ads is the level of targeting you’re able to implement. This is one of the aspects which makes it so more effective and attractive compared with traditional visual marketing like print or TV. You can choose for your ads to be displayed to users based on:


Income, gender, location, age, or specific status such as students, parents, or pet owners 

Hobbies and Interests

Keen gardeners, music fans, foodies, travel enthusiasts etc

Life events

Recent engagement, graduation, first job or retirement


Audiences who are currently actively researching offerings like yours


Target viewers who have interacted with your brand before
Channels: Specific YouTube channels which fit your brand

Our YouTube Ad Agency’s process includes:


Keyword and audience research

We dive into your ideal customer’s online behaviour so we can best tailor your YouTube ads to them.


Intentional audience targeting

Ruby Digital ensures your ads only appear to the viewers most likely to convert into customers.


Competitor analysis

Where is the competition slipping up, and how can your brand outperform them?


Conversion tracking

Our ultimate goal is always to ensure the best possible ROI for our clients.


A/B testing

Sometimes small changes or subtle rewording can have a big impact – we keep testing until we find the best performing ads.


Real-time insights and continuous improvement

Data-driven strategies to ensure your YouTube ad campaigns keep delivering incredible results.

Ruby Digital offers YouTube business ads in Cape Town, Johannesburg and across South Africa. Get in touch now, and discover the power of YouTube to grow your brand!

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