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Our SEO consultant services are ideal for clients who want to understand and be a part of the SEO process


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Learn how to implement powerful SEO strategies and techniques yourself


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We’re ready to step in with the more technical aspects if you need us to


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We’re on hand for SEO maintenance, questions and advice in the long term


What are SEO consultant services?

Over the past few years, Ruby Digital has noticed a growing trend among the businesses we serve. We’re frequently impressed by the SEO knowledge some of our new clients bring to the table, especially those who’ve taken a hands-on approach in the design, structure and building of their websites. 

As more and more of our daily lives are conducted online, it’s hardly surprising that business owners and entrepreneurs realise the power of SEO to grow their business, and want to get their heads around how it works. And because SEO affects the public face of your business – your website and online presence – we get that you want to be involved in the process.

If that sounds like you, then you’ll find our SEO consultant services to be the perfect fit! Our goal as an SEO consulting business is to act as your advisor and expert guide. We’ll assist with strategy, analysis and implementation, while you retain complete control over the process and budget.

We have expert SEO consultants in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and across South Africa.

The benefits of working with a professional SEO consulting agency:


Whether you need a long-term partner to help you craft a winning SEO strategy, or just for a short-term project such as a website redesign, an SEO consultant gives you a massive advantage.

Simple or in-depth

Need help with keyword research? A complete technical SEO audit? Competitor analysis? Large or small, Ruby Digital’s SEO consulting service can adapt to your project, budget and timeframe.

Fill in the gaps

If you’ve already mastered the basics, our SEO consultants in Johannesburg, Cape Town and across South Africa can find those small issues (and easy wins!) you might have overlooked.

Whether you need assistance with your entire SEO strategy, or simply some guidance identifying untapped keyword potential, our SEO consulting agency can help you better serve your audience and customers.

If you’re planning a major website overhaul or new product launch, then our SEO consulting business is the perfect partner to have by your side. Big changes can have a sudden and dramatic effect on your search engine ranking, and you’ll want to ensure you’ve ticked all the SEO boxes to get it right.

What does an SEO consulting company do?

Our ultimate goal at Ruby Digital is to help our clients achieve the best possible ROI on their marketing spend. Experience has taught us that businesses who embrace SEO, and try to incorporate ‘SEO-thinking’ into everything they do consistently have the best outcomes.

And when it comes to SEO services, consultants play a crucial role: part advisor and part educator.

Our SEO consulting service includes:


Website and SEO audit

The more content you add to your site, the more oversights and small technical niggles start to add up. Most of these are easy to fix – but you need to find and isolate them first. Our SEO consultants in Cape Town and Joburg will give your website a thorough once-over, and provide you with a checklist of actions to undertake to improve your rankings.


Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Whether you’ve done some basic keyword research in laying out your website or not, we’ll help you turn ideas into action. We take a look at which phrases your competitors are aiming for, what search volumes are like, and where there are untapped opportunities.


Content Planning

Once keyword and content targets are fleshed out, we’ll help you craft a content strategy and schedule to make sure you take advantage of the gaps in your niche. We can also assist with social media management and planning if you need us to. 


On-page SEO Coaching

One of our primary goals with our SEO consulting clients is to make sure you come away with the knowledge you need to keep climbing the rankings on your own. That’s why our SEO consulting agency in Johannesburg and Cape Town dedicates time to making sure you understand how to follow SEO best practices. This then becomes a habit going forward with all new content you add to your site.


Link profile review

Which websites are linking to yours, and are they helping or hurting you? We’ll teach you how to identify the good, get rid of the bad, and how to go about attaining more high-quality links in future.


Strategy development

Where are there content gaps in your website? How can you turn your site into a more useful, comprehensive and user-friendly resource for your audience? Addressing these questions is how you grow your organic traffic, and that’s what our SEO consultants will help you do.


Software recommendations

Finding the right tools to automate and streamline your SEO research and planning is massively valuable – but there are a heck of a lot out there to choose between! We’ll give you advice and training on the ones that are right for your industry, needs and budget, without distracting frills you don’t need.


Ongoing Support

Want to keep us on standby for expert guidance, advice or technical reviews? We’ll put together a cost-effective maintenance or retainer package for your company, so you can enjoy total peace of mind going forward.

World-class SEO Consulting in Cape Town, Johannesburg and across South Africa

Ruby Digital has been one of South Africa’s most successful SEO companies for many years, and we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge with others. Our SEO consulting service is one of the ways we help others to help themselves.

Whether your SEO knowledge is advanced or only so-so, we’ll show you how to level up your game, and really take control of your digital marketing strategy. Get in touch today.

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