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Ruby Digital is a digital marketing agency in Cape Town with years of experience and a long list of notable clients. Let us create a custom digital marketing strategy for your company, and you’ll generate more income than ever before!

Transform your business with our digital marketing services

Now more than ever, digital marketing has become the main strategy for turning people into your customers. If someone can’t easily find information about your company online, it’s almost like it doesn’t even exist. As one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Cape Town, we can create custom strategies that will help you build your brand locally.

Over the years, Ruby Digital has worked with countless businesses in Cape Town and beyond. Not only have we helped many companies in South Africa, but we also have clients across the globe that have been using our services for years. Here are some of top reasons you should rely on our digital marketing services:

Ongoing Optimization

For a digital marketing strategy to be effective, you’ll need to sign a contract to use our services for at least a year. Throughout these 12 months, we’ll do ongoing optimization to ensure you get the best results.

Affordable services

We have a large marketing team that consists of web developers, designers, content specialists, social media marketing experts, and more. You get access to the knowledge of all these professionals at an affordable monthly rate.

Performance reports

You will be able to see the impact of our digital marketing services in Cape Town through our performance reports. We’ll stay in regular contact and analyze these reports with you to make sure you reach the goals you set for your business.

Tried and tested strategies

We’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous small and large businesses in Cape Town, which helped us gain valuable insight on how to attract local audiences. Our approach is tried and tested, yet we still provide each client with a completely unique strategy.

The sooner you sign up for our digital marketing services, the faster you’ll be able to connect with potential customers and show them why they should buy your products.

The digital marketing services we provide

Depending on your business needs, we’ll create a strategy that involves at least a few different marketing services to help you reach your audience effectively. Here are some of our most requested services:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is an essential part of every digital marketing strategy. It allows us to ensure your website gets long-term organic traffic. When you sign up for our services, an SEO specialist will analyze your industry and competitors to create a strategy that will help you achieve better rankings on search engines.

Content Marketing

Content is king when it comes to digital marketing. Customers need reasons to trust your brand and buy your products. The best way to convince them your brand is the best option in Cape Town is to showcase your expertise through engaging content. You can be involved as you want to be when it comes to deciding which content would best suit your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms allow you to easily stay in touch with consumers every day. It’s important to have a social media expert working by your side to communicate with your followers. The presence of somebody representing your company on social media will help you build loyalty with your customers.

Web Development

You’ll only have one chance to make a good first impression on visitors that come across your website. As a leading digital marketing agency in Cape Town, we employ expert web developers that can improve the functionality of your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to generate more sales. We can create custom email marketing campaigns for various types of consumers. For instance, we will have different emails ready for your loyal customers and people who never bought a single product from you before.

Paid Ads

Paid ads are an important part of a good digital marketing strategy because they give your results quickly. They can be on various platforms, such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

We have the knowledge and experience required to help you regardless of the industry you are in. Nevertheless, there are certain industries that we’ve had the most experience working in.

Ruby Digital is an exceptional digital marketing agency in Cape Town with many satisfied clients in industries like hospitality, eCommerce, online education, and real estate.

Hire a top digital marketing agency in Cape Town today!

It’s easy to hire Ruby Digital for digital marketing services. In fact, you can start the whole process in just a few minutes. Here’s what you should do if you want to hire us:


Contact us

Fill out an inquiry form on our website and let us know a bit about your business.


We’ll get back to you

After we receive your inquiry, a representative from our team will read it and get back to you to set up a meeting.



We like when our clients are involved in the marketing process, which is why we always invite you to collaborate with us and share your insight to help us create the best strategy for you.


Putting it all on paper

Once we agree on a certain digital marketing strategy, we’ll put it all in writing.


Review the proposal

Take a day or two to review the proposal we send you, which will include the main objectives and the budget.


Internal meeting

After you accept our proposal, we’ll conduct an internal meeting where we’ll create an in-depth plan to promote your business online.


Review the results

You don’t have to do anything as far as digital marketing goes from the moment you accept our proposal. You can focus on other tasks while we grow your business online.

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The team at Ruby Digital have been extremely professional and responsive. They have provided us with online advertising and SEO services. Throughout the changes we faced with COVID19, Ruby Digital have remained accommodating, efficient and professional. I highly recommend their services.


I have enjoyed working with Ruby Digital over the years – any issues are quickly discussed and resolved within the time frame needed. Monthly reports are well detailed.

Thanda Group

The RD team has been phenomenal. They take feedback very seriously and have the rare quality of actioning it in a way that surpasses expectations.


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