Advertising Mediums in South Africa – Which Ones Will Work Best for Your Brand? 

By Justin Lester

7 minutes to read

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Advertising Mediums in South Africa – Which Ones Will Work Best for Your Brand? 

By Justin Lester

7 minutes to read

Join our smart marketers who get our best digital marketing insights,
strategies and tips deliverered straight to their inbox.


South Africa’s advertising industry is booming, projected to reach a value of US$2,482.00m in 2024. While traditional avenues like TV and video still hold significant sway, digital channels are on the rise. By 2029, experts predict nearly half of all advertising spending in South Africa will be dedicated to digital platforms. 

With a dizzying array of advertising options to choose from – from social media, digital advertising, email and content marketing to traditional TV and billboards – choosing the right advertising mediums for your brand can be pretty daunting! Different industries and audiences require tailored approaches for maximum results.  

At Ruby Digital, we are here to help South African companies navigate the options. In this blog, we will guide you through the many different advertising mediums and strategies, helping you discover the perfect combination to boost your brand within your industry. 

Understanding The South African Market 

Before diving into specific advertising strategies, let us understand what makes the South African market unique. It is a dynamic blend of demographics and industries, each with its own distinct preferences. Staying on top of consumer behaviour trends is vital – what people are interested in and how they shop is constantly evolving. 

Here is a quick snapshot to keep in mind: 

  • Demographics & Industries: South Africa is a vibrant nation with a population of over 60 million. It has a relatively young population (the median age is around 27) and is becoming increasingly urbanised. Understanding the nuances of these different demographics and the major industries they are part of is key to choosing the right advertising channels. 
  • Consumer Behaviour Trends:?How do your ideal customers find new products or services? Are they influenced by friends on social media? Do they still watch ads on TV? Researching these trends is essential for choosing the?right?platforms to reach your ideal customers. 
  • Digital Transformation: South Africa is rapidly becoming more connected. With over 45 million internet users and over 26 million active on social media, digital platforms offer immense potential for reaching consumers. Companies need to prioritise digital advertising strategies alongside traditional ones to stay competitive. 

Major Advertising Mediums in South Africa 

What is an advertising medium? An advertising medium is any channel or platform used to deliver promotional messages to a target audience. It can be a website, a television commercial, a social media platform, a billboard, or even an email newsletter. 

Companies in South Africa have a wealth of channels to reach their target audiences. Let us break down the key options, remembering that a successful strategy often involves a clever blend of both traditional and digital approaches: 

Traditional Advertising 

  • Broadcast Media (TV & Radio): These mediums have wide reach, especially for building brand awareness among older demographics or in areas with limited internet access. Radio, in particular, can be well-suited for targeting specific regions or interests. 
  • Print Media (Newspapers & Magazines): Print still has its place for reaching local audiences or niche interests. Magazines focusing on specific hobbies or professions can be great for connecting with targeted groups. 
  • Outdoor Advertising (Billboards & More): Cannot be missed! Billboards, posters, and transit advertising capture attention in high-traffic areas. These are ideal for making a bold visual statement and reinforcing brand recognition. 
  • Event Sponsorship & Participation: A great way to associate your brand with positive experiences and reach a relevant audience. Sponsoring popular festivals, conferences, or sports events builds brand association and allows direct interaction with potential customers. 

Digital Advertising 

  • Social Media: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even TikTok provide versatile tools to engage with specific audiences. From organic posts and paid ads to influencer partnerships, social media is where many South Africans connect daily. 
  • SEM and SEO: Search Engine Marketing (SEM), like Google Ads, puts your website or product listings at the top of search results for relevant keywords. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) enhances your website to rank organically for those same searches. 
  • Email Marketing: This allows for direct, personalised communication with your customer base. Email marketing revolves around newsletters, promotions, and loyalty programs can nurture relationships and drive conversions. 
  • Influencer Marketing: Partnering with trusted voices on social media introduces your brand to their devoted followers. This helps establish credibility and drive interest within your niche. 
  • Online Advertising (Display, Video, etc.): From banner ads and pre-roll videos on popular websites and apps to targeted campaigns on platforms like Google, paid advertising allows precise targeting based on demographics, interests, and online behaviours. 

Remember, finding the best online advertising mediums in South Africa?depends on your specific industry, target market, goals, and budget.  

The Best Advertising Mediums by Industry 

To illustrate this, below we have expanded using some examples of recommended advertising by industry in the South African market. 

Retail and eCommerce 

  • Focus: Online presence, visual appeal, influencer partnerships 
  • Top Mediums: Social media (especially Instagram and TikTok), Google Ads, SEO, influencer marketing, email marketing 
  • Why It Works: Modern shoppers are online! Targeted digital ads and visually engaging content on social platforms are perfect for showcasing products and driving traffic to online stores. Social proof, like influencer endorsements and reviews, builds consumer trust and sparks interest. Email marketing helps retain customers through loyalty programs and personalised offers. 

Tourism and Hospitality 

  • Focus: Reaching both international and local travellers, showcasing experiences 
  • Top Mediums: Targeted online advertising (international reach), high-quality visual content (social media), Google Ads, influencer partnerships, traditional media for local campaigns, online reviews platforms (TripAdvisor, etc.) 
  • Why It Works: Stunning visuals and positive reviews create a desire to visit. Digital ads reach those planning trips from abroad, while local print and radio campaigns raise awareness within South Africa. Partnerships with influencers and leveraging user-generated content showcase authentic experiences. 

Finance and Banking 

  • Focus: Building trust, educating consumers 
  • Top Mediums: Content marketing, SEM, email marketing, personalised offers, targeted online advertising 
  • Why It Works: Informative content (blog posts, videos) helps consumers make sound financial decisions. SEM ensures your brand appears in searches for relevant financial services. Personalised communication builds loyalty and demonstrates understanding of customer needs. 


  • Focus: Highlighting innovation, engaging with customers 
  • Top Mediums: Social media, targeted online advertising, outdoor ads (for brand visibility), email marketing (promotions) 
  • Why It Works: Social media offers a direct channel for customer interaction and showcasing new technologies. Eye-catching outdoor campaigns reinforce brand recognition and highlight promotions. 


  • Focus: Reaching farmers in rural areas, showcasing technology 
  • Top Mediums: Radio, print ads in agricultural publications, digital platforms (for Agri-Tech), industry events and demonstrations 
  • Why It Works: Traditional channels still hold sway in many rural areas. Targeted print publications cater directly to farmers seeking information. Digital platforms and events are vital for promoting agricultural technologies and innovations to a forward-looking audience. 

Manufacturing and Exports 

  • Focus: B2B outreach, industry presence 
  • Top Mediums: LinkedIn, industry-specific publications (online & print), event sponsorships and trade shows, targeted online advertising 
  • Why It Works: Specialised platforms put your brand in front of decision-makers in relevant industries. Participating in trade shows builds relationships and showcases your capabilities directly. 

Real Estate 

  • Focus: Showcasing properties, targeting local buyers 
  • Top Mediums: Virtual tours and high-quality listings, targeted social media ads, local SEO, print ads in local publications 
  • Why It Works: Visuals are everything in real estate! Virtual tours and great photos engage potential buyers. Social media and local SEO help your listings reach the right audience in your area. 

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals 

  • Focus: Education, awareness, building trust 
  • Top Mediums: Content marketing, digital advertising (targeted based on health conditions), social media for health tips and engagement, partnerships with healthcare influencers where appropriate 
  • Why It Works: Informative content establishes your brand as reliable. Digital ads can reach those searching for information on specific conditions. Social media creates conversations around health and wellness. 

Education and Training 

  • Focus: Reaching students and professionals seeking upskilling 
  • Top Mediums: Targeted online advertising, social media campaigns, SEO, email marketing (for course updates) 
  • Why It Works: Digital channels directly reach those searching for educational opportunities. Social media campaigns can highlight the benefits of specific courses or programmes. 


  • Focus: Highlighting new models, generating excitement, driving sales 
  • Top Mediums: Digital advertising (showcasing features), specialised automotive magazines, outdoor advertising (high visibility for brands), social media campaigns, influencer partnerships (for showcasing real-life use) 
  • Why It Works: A mix of digital for targeted reach and traditional for broad awareness is ideal in this competitive industry. Eye-catching visuals and engaging campaigns tap into consumer aspirations. 

Entertainment and Media 

  • Focus: Generating buzz, maximising reach 
  • Top Mediums: Social media (viral campaigns, trailers), influencer partnerships, online advertising (reaching specific interest groups), traditional media (for mass awareness of major releases) 
  • Why It Works: Social media is perfect for creating excitement and harnessing fandom. Collaborations with influencers boost visibility and tap into their loyal followings. 

Technology and IT Services 

  • Focus: Showcasing innovation, B2B lead generation 
  • Top Mediums: Targeted online advertising, content marketing (white papers, case studies), SEO, webinars and online events, LinkedIn (for professional networking) 
  • Why It Works: Demonstrating expertise through content builds credibility. Online events and targeted advertising efficiently reach decision-makers within other businesses. 

Non-Profit and Social Causes 

  • Focus: Storytelling, grassroots outreach, fostering engagement 
  • Top Mediums: Social media (sharing stories, campaigns), content marketing (emotional appeals), email marketing (nurturing donors), community radio, local print (for reaching specific areas) 
  • Why It Works: Building an emotional connection is vital for non-profits. Social media and content marketing allow for impactful storytelling, while traditional mediums are essential for reaching certain demographics and generating local support. 

Remember, experimentation is key! Do not be afraid to try different approaches and analyse what works best for your brand in the realm of digital advertising and marketing strategies. If you would like expert guidance in crafting the perfect digital advertising strategy tailored to your needs, contact Ruby Digital. We are here to help your business shine in the South African market! 

Written by Justin Lester

Justin is a successful entrepreneur who launched and exited two online startups by the age of 24.

He specialises in SEO and Paid Media services and played a critical role in developing cutting-edge marketing applications in the iGaming sector.

He founded Ruby Digital in 2011, which has won numerous awards and is recognised as having the 2nd highest culture score of any SME in South Africa.

Justin is committed to empowering communities with digital marketing skills and is an active member of the entrepreneurship community, sharing his knowledge and expertise as a guest lecturer at the University of Cape Town and serving on the board of the Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerator Program.